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Here you will find detailed information about our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets and about dry toilets in general. We’ll explain how they function, what the different areas of application are and provide information about the designs available. Frequently asked questions are answered in our FAQ section.

Everything you need to know about urine-diverting toilets by TROBOLO®

The benefits of our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets summarised concisely

Our urine-diverting toilets are characterised by our very own TROBOLO® seperation system which is in many regards favourable to traditional toilets and other toilet systems.


Waterless usage

Thanks to the lack of a water flush, the TROBOLO® system prevents the production of waste water which means that no connection to the sewage system is required.

No chemicals

Due to the TROBOLO® separation system, there is no need for chemicals. The human excretions therefore don’t become hazardous waste which would require a costly disposal that is also damaging to the environment.

Separation system

Odours are effectively prevented and reduced to a minimum by separating the urine from solid excrements. The separation is made possible by an integrated separator made of durable plastic.

Hygienic usage

Using a TROBOLO® is just like using a regular toilet. The separation system functions without any contact so that the body only comes into contact with the toilet seat. Since the excretions only touch plastic surfaces, the cleaning is also hygienic.

Easy cleaning

The excretions only come into contact with the plastic surfaces which means that the cleaning is hygienic and easy. The wooden surfaces are proofed with a natural oil and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, just like the toilet seat which is sealed by an antibacterial protective coating.

Easy emptying

Thanks to the TROBOLO® separation system, the two separate containers located inside can be removed in a few easy steps without you having to come into contact with the excretions, making the emptying easy and hygienic.

Easy disposal

The TROBOLO® separation system allows for a decentralised disposal of toilet waste on your own property. Alternatively, the toilet waste can be disposed of via your household waste, as you would do with used nappies, and you can empty the liquids container via a toilet that is connected to the sewage system.

100 % sustainable

Excretions are a natural product that should be returned to the natural cycle. Urine-diverting toilets allow the preparation of this resource in an environmentally friendly manner.


Every single TROBOLO® is handcrafted with great attention to detail and is a unique piece thanks to the different wood grains. The handmade toilet seat, which is given with a hygienic multi-coat lacquer finish, also ensures particularly comfortable seating.

Despite the advantages of separation toilets listed here, some objections, especially regarding their waterless operation, do persist, but this is usually due to a lack of expertise or even misinformation. In order to counteract this, we provide you with a broad overview of various topics.

Find answers to all questions you might have regarding the topic of urine-diverting toilets

In our FAQ section you will find a short and quick overview of answers to frequently asked questions regarding your TROBOLO® – be it regarding functionality in general, the seperation system in detail, usage of litter, functionality of the exhaust system or regarding related topics such as composting, emptying, hygiene, cleaning and many more.

Comprehensive information on TROBOLO® separation toilets

Detailed information about TROBOLO® dry toilets and the basic idea behind the development of our waterless sanitary technology can be found in the section “What is a TROBOLO®?” and on the “About TROBOLO®” page. The section “Functionlaity of the TROBOLO® System” also tells you exactly how a TROBOLO® is used in practice, what role the exhaust air systems and litter play and what advantages result from the separation of solid and liquid precipitates.

One of the major advantages of the TROBOLO® separation system is undoubtedly the effective minimization and elimination of odours, which is why we have dedicated another section to this feature in “Odourless with TROBOLO®”.

Finally, in the sections “Emptying & Disposal” and “Hygiene & Cleaning” you will learn in detail how to empty your TROBOLO® professionally, what disposal options are available to you and why you do not have to accept any compromises with your TROBOLO® in terms of comfort of use or hygiene. Finally, in the “Installation & Commissioning” section, we provide you with detailed information on the installation of our various TROBOLO® models and on other fundamental questions, such as the choice of location. In addition, in a further section – “Ordering & Delivery” – you will learn everything you need to know about the logistical steps that we will take for you as soon as you have decided on a TROBOLO®.


General information about separating toilets or other toilet systems

If you are interested in the general topic of separating toilets and composting, you will find all relevant information on our page “Proper composting”. We also cover the subject of “Sustainability and separating toilets” in detail in a separate article.

In addition, we have compiled all the important information on individual toilet systems for you in separate guide articles:

Last but not least, you can find out about the financial savings your TROBOLO® will make compared to other toilet systems in the “Cost comparison of toilet systems” section.

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