TROBOLO® customer feedback & examples of application

At TROBOLO®, we’re proud of every happy customer. That’s why we’d like to show you some feedback of happy TROBOLO® customers and introduce you to a few examples of application for our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets.

Customer feedback

A TROBOLO® KersaBœm in the vineyards of Sasbachwalden

“Sasbachwalden has great hiking trails with wonderful panoramas. That’s why especially in autumn many hikers are here with us. They are happy about the “new toilet” along our hiking trail.

Several have already thanked me personally, because not only because of the undisputed benefits of TROBOLO®, but also because of its appearance. The toilet house fits perfectly into our vineyards and our landscape. We are happy about it!

TROBOLO® KersaBœm as toilet for the forest kindergarten Wurzelkinder Konstanz

“Waldkindergarten Wurzelkinder” is a public kindergarten run by a private association. […] As we do not have a suitable water connection, we went in search of a sustainable, easy to operate solution – and quickly found it with TROBOLO®.

The advice we received was very courteous and delivery was fast and trouble-free. Thanks to the ingenious modular system, assembly was quick and already became an event for our little helpers, as everyone wanted to try it out immediately. The shapely, well thought-out construction integrates very nicely into our natural environment and shows a high practical suitability in operation, even for users with different body sizes. Thanks to the transparent roof, the interior is always sufficiently bright, and even with the door closed, some reference to the surrounding green remains. We are completely satisfied and can give a clear recommendation for KersaBœm”.


Paul Kramer from Video Check tested the TROBOLO® KersaBœm for three months – here is his conclusion. Many thanks, Paul!

Our TROBOLO® LeliBlœm in Mrs Keitel’s Tinyhouse

[…] After having informed myself about various toilet systems, I decided in September 2018 to buy a TROBOLO® LeliBlœm separating toilet with electric exhaust air system for indoor use. […]

1. From the very first moment I was enthusiastic about the appearance of the toilet as an alternative to the plastic solutions known up to then. The cube made of multiplex fits perfectly into my toilet cabin.
2. Regarding the quality of the materials I can only say that after 6 months of continuous operation, every screw/hinge is tight, nothing has warped in spite of strongly fluctuating temperatures, the separating insert is easy to clean, and has a very smooth surface on which no residues remain.
3. I have no problems whatsoever with odours in the living room, as any residual toilet odours remain in the cube itself, and are transported outside via the exhaust air system.
4. You get used to the very quiet ventilation noise within the first days.
5. Emptying the bucket with the organic waste is much more pleasant than emptying a chemical toilet.
6. My flushing water consumption via the liquid container is about ½ to 1 l per person/day


Conclusion: I would buy this toilet again at any time, even as a mobile solution in a bus or caravan […].

TROBOLO® KersaBœm as a forest toilet for the Wolfertschwenden day care centre

“The forest toilets of the company TROBOLO correspond to our concept of forest children’s education and complement everyday life perfectly. Should there be a bigger business or a child feel more comfortable in four walls, this is the perfect “quiet little place”.

Delivery was problem-free, construction was simple, the equipment is well thought out and the operation is feasible for everyone. The perfect solution for our needs.

Should we have a need again, TROBOLO will definitely be our first port of call!”

The team of the day care center Wolfertschwenden

The TROBOLO® KersaBœm at DRK Waldkindergarten Lüntorf

“We are enthusiastic about TROBOLO® and it fits perfectly with the environmental idea of our forest kindergarten. The disposal of litter and urine is easy and quick thanks to the compost box. The option to lift and hook the entire upper flap including the toilet seat is also very practical. This facilitates cleaning and makes it easier to remove the containers.

There is no smell in the toilet house. For the toilet seat we simply try another attachment and provide a footrest for the children to climb on.

We would choose this model again and again.”

Two TROBOLO® separation toilets for Silke and Raphael

“We were excited to receive our Trobolo and to put it in our yurt. The place you see in the picture is an intermediate phase until our bathroom is ready. We think the Trobolo is great. Simple and efficient. The Trobolo KersaBœm has a great design and fits everywhere.”


Thanks a lot for the feedback Silke and Raphael!

A TROBOLO® KersaBœm for the vintage barn

‘First of all: ***** (5 stars 😉 )
Dear Trobolo team,
many thanks! For what? For THE solution that we’ve been looking for for such a long time!
We had no water or sewage connection, we wanted it to be weather-resistant and, if possible, it shouldn’t take up too much space… and then we found your product’

KinderAKTIVGarten – Family Rudig in Innsbruck

“We – children, caretakers and parents – are delighted with our “garden toilet”. The great thing is, there is no smell and no pollution! No annoying dashes into the house, easy to keep clean, simply GREAT! Our Trobolo toilet is used every day with pleasure and often. It is simply PERFECT for us! Thanks to Trobolo say 36 children and caretakers of the KinderAKTIVgarten in Innsbruck.”

The TROBOLO® KersaBœm in Mr Spieker’s garden

“We ourselves were allowed to get to know the “composting toilet” as children in the 60s, but later, as city dwellers, we preferred the supposedly more comfortable aspects of flushing water toilets. Now we want to enjoy nature to the max in our garden with very simple and practical equipment and our children and grandchildren are more than enthusiastic.

The first TROBOLO® KersaBœm in the Wagendorf “Pankgräfin e.V.”

I now live for more than 6 years in the Wagendorf “Pankgräfin e.V.” with my family. […] So far we have shared the self-built humus toilet of our neighbour. This toilet was, in spite of the high capacity, not optimal, because it meant a lot of dirty work to empty it, it is not rat-safe and, because liquid substances are not separated from solids, it was also not odourless.

I chose a TROBOLO® Separating Toilet because the price-performance ratio is right and the toilet is of good quality in terms of the materials chosen. My husband is a carpenter, he can judge it! As he did not have the time to build a toilet, the TROBOLO® Separating Toilet impressed me with its easy and quick assembly. Delivered and installed in no time! This can be done without my husband’s prior knowledge! I as an artist, he as a carpenter and designer, attach great importance to design that is both visually attractive and useful. In this respect, the TROBOLO® separating toilet fulfils our expectations.

The TROBOLO® separating toilet is easy to use, environmentally friendly and absolutely rat-proof. The TROBOLO® Separating Toilet is completely odourless and easy to keep clean. Emptying it is child’s play – hygienic without having to make contact with the contents!

The whole family is so enthusiastic about our new toilet […] I thank TROBOLO® for this uncomplicated, really well thought-out, affordable solution!

The Baden Soden Beekeeper’s Club now also features a TROBOLO® KersaBœm

We are happy about the positive feedback of our club members, many thanks!

“The toilet has served us extremely well at various events on the beekeeping grounds.”

“The wooden casing blends in well with the surrounding trees and bushes.”

“Particularly noteworthy is the convenient handling and the good illumination by daylight.”

“The venting system prevents unpleasant odors.”

The TROBOLO® LeliBloem in use in Mrs Brum’s camper

“We are standing free on a parking lot in the Palatinate and are very happy with the toilet. My concerns that I would “not hit the right container” were unfounded, you don’t have to pay attention at all, everything works automatically.” – Many thanks for the positive feedback Mrs Brum!

A TROBOLO® KersaBœm for the forest kindergarten in Großkarolinenfeld

“The municipality of Großkarolinenfeld has decided to use a dry toilet from TROBOLO® for their forest kindergarten. The toilet combines ecology and sustainability. Our employees were very satisfied with the workmanship and the very easy to assemble system. All in all a good solution for our purposes”.

The TROBOLO® KersaBœm as toilet solution for the “outdoor classroom” of the Freie Waldorfschule Rottweil

“The Freie Waldorfschule Rottweil is the first school in Germany with an attached hydroelectric power station. We at the Förderverein der Freien Waldorfschule Rottweil e. V. coordinate an “open-air classroom” on the power station site on the Neckar island. […] To ensure that the site can be used safely and effectively, we have provided the right infrastructure and equipment for the outdoor classroom in recent years – but a toilet solution had not yet been found. We came across Trobolo and found the ideal solution with the KersaBoem complete package, which works perfectly without electricity and water.

The kit was easy and quick to assemble and set up. The first students* who were allowed to use the toilet were initially a little afraid of contact, but that quickly subsided. It should be emphasized that there are no unpleasant smells in the separation toilet – it smells pleasantly of wood. It is easy and uncomplicated to use, as is emptying the containers and composting. A well-rounded concept!

Thanks to Trobolo, no one now has to “sit in the nettles” in our “outdoor classroom”.”

A ‘handcrafted outdoor toilet for the log cabin’ of the Selbstversorger Familie

Many thanks to the lovely Selbstversorger Familie for the great video about our TROBOLO® KersaBœm!

Completely independent on the road with TROBOLO®

At Wolfgang Buldt’s, our TROBOLO® goes with them in a van for day trips, so that they are completely independent of public facilities on the road.

“We have set up our van as a “day-tripper” so to speak, in which we can take along two bicycles, toilet and a few boxes with accessories (cooker, crockery, cycling and hiking clothes, among other things the litter is stored in a container).”

What a great idea!

‘The urine-diverting toilet by Trobolo – our experience’ – GartenBob

‘We’ve been using a urine-diverting toilet for a short amount of time which separates the solid from the liquid substances. Such a toilet should be particularly interesting for all hobby gardeners that do not have a sewage connection in their garden but don’t want to do without a toilet.’ – Many thanks for the great video, GartenBob!

The TROBOLO® LuweBlœm in Stephan Kluge’s Sprinter

We’re delighted that the TROBOLO® LuweBlœm is allowed to go traveling with Stephan Kluge. Many thanks for the photos and the trust!


Paul Kramer from Video Check has tested the TROBOLO® KersaBœm. Many thanks for your fantastic and useful feedback, Paul!

A TROBOLO® KersaBœm for the Montessori Youth School Strausberg

„The compost toilets are very nicely decorated and hygienic. The interior of the toilets is very attractive and above all clean and tidy. The exterior of the toilets is nice to look at too, with its wooden panelling. I also like the fact that the toilets smell of fresh wood – another great thing! Thanks to the air pipe, it doesn’t get stuffy inside, as fresh air is continuously coming in.”

“The handy thing about the compost toilets is that they have a ventilation pipe for fresh air, as well as a transparent roof.”

„The two compost toilets we have at the Strausberg Youth School are now in a good location. They are a good fit here, and they have a nice design and look very modern.”

Many thanks to the students of the Montessori Youth School Strausberg for the great feedback!

TROBOLO® KersaBœm at the Förderverein Bronzezeithaus Hahnenknoop e.V.

Not one, but two TROBOLO® KersaBœm in very special designs can be found at the Förderverein Bronzezeithaus Hahnenknoop e.V. – Many thanks for your trust!

The TROBOLO® in the bathroom

Another happy customer: Mr Werner has a TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilet in his bathroom. Many thanks for the trust!

Mr Schüchtle’s camping toilet

‘The Trobolo has been crafted really well and is comfortable to sit on. The concept of a urine-diverting toilet is the best choice for any travels that don’t provide campsites.’ – Many thanks for the positive feedback, Mr Schüchtle!

‘Building a garden toilet’ – by Rainer ‘do it yourself’

‘In this part, I will prepare the base of garden toilet an introduce you to the urine-diverting toilet by TROBOLO.’ – Thank you for your feedback and the video, Rainer!

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Skischule Ostrachtal
Wurzelkinder Konstanz
Reitverein Nierstein
Oldtimer-Freunde Bleckede e.V.
BZN Niedernhall 3
Camping-Freizeitzentrum Sägemühle
Physiotherapie-Schule Konstanz
Tierschutz Wörrstadt

Areas of application

Toilets for gardens & allotments

Toilets for gardens & allotments

Most owners of a garden, and allotment holders in particular, know the problem: sanitary facilities are far away or legally prohibited on one’s own garden property. This doesn’t mean that you have to do without a clean and hygienic toilet solution in your garden, however.
This is where you’ll find out why our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets are perfect as garden toilets and what you have to keep in mind when using one.

Building a composting toilet yourself

The DIY trend is particularly popular when it comes to allotments. It’s not only fun to make things yourself, but also simply more practical a lot of the time as constructions can be assembled right on site and adjusted to meet individual requirements. This also applies to the composting toilet in gardens and inside the house as these locations often have special requirements with regard to space or because there is a high demand for natural, decomposable materials.

Here, you’ll find out how you can build your own composting toilet and what practical, prefabricated assembly kits for composting toilets look like.
Trenntoiletten Kindertagesstätten Schulen

TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets for day-care centres and schools

While the question of a suitable toilet solution in nature is essential for forest kindergartens, separating toilets also offer an extremely interesting toilet alternative for kindergartens, day nurseries and schools with sanitary facilities. Thanks to their self-sufficient functionality, they can not only be used in many different places, but they also convey an awareness of environmental protection and sustainability to the youngest children.

Here you can find out what concrete advantages a TROBOLO® Separating Toilet brings, especially for day-care centres and schools, and which facilities already feature separating toilets by TROBOLO®.

Would you like to see all the important information summarised concisely?
If so, you can request our information material for your desired product non-bindingly and free of charge.

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