Composting toilet TROBOLO LuweBloem inside a bathroom
Self-sufficient toilets for house & tiny house.

Tiny House toilets by TROBOLO

Learn all about the benefits of our TROBOLO self-sufficient composting toilets for your house or tiny house.

Our Tiny House toilets at a glance

TROBOLO TinyBloem – Rounded composting toilet with external urine drainage.


Wooden composting toilet for permanent installation with urine drainage and integrated exhaust system.

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4 - 10 days


Flexible composting toilet made of high-quality wood with optional exhaust system.

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4 - 10 days



Sturdy, high-capacity wooden composting toilet with optional exhaust system.

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4 - 10 days

TROBOLO Silvabloem composting toilet


Shapely composting toilet made of wood with HPL finish and optional exhaust system.

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4 - 10 days



Clever wooden composting toilet with optional exhaust system as a complete kit.

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4 - 10 days

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A real alternative with style

Maximum comfort with a Tiny House toilet

In terms of comfort and hygiene, all TROBOLO models meet even the highest demands. Because we care about our environment, each TROBOLO is sustainably and fairly handcrafted from FSC®-certified wood.

TROBOLO LuweBlœm (27)
Emptying & cleaning as easy as child's play

Easy handling

To remove and empty the solids and liquid containers, all TROBOLO models can be opened from the top with just one handle. This enables completely hygienic disposal, with no contact with the fecal matter at any time. Cleaning is extremely simple and is limited to occasional wiping of the surfaces, as the integrated composting toilet insert reliably protects the interior of the toilet from contamination.

Excellent odour control thanks to litter and exhaust system

100% odourless in the Tiny House

Hard to believe, but true – every TROBOLO is absolutely odourless! This is made possible by the separation of excrement in combination with the use of litter or an electric exhaust system.

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Independence at home

Water and chemical free

A TROBOLO system provides complete independence because it does not require water or chemicals and can be used where other solutions fail. Instead of environmentally harmful chemicals, only natural litter or an energy-saving exhaust system are used.


A Tiny House toilet in use at Fanny & Omar's home

This was our first time with a dry toilet. We chose the TROBOLO️ TinyBlœm for our tiny house in the countryside. We also got a TROBOLO️ composter. We especially liked the quick delivery and dedicated customer care which answered all of our questions. For those who have doubts about the smell, rest assured. The model we have installed works wonderfully with its electric fan. We have also started composting and we are very satisfied. We highly recommend TROBOLO !”

Fanny & Omar
Proud TROBOLO TinyBlœm owners

All TROBOLO models for your house & tiny house

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