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Our philosophy

It’s an exciting challenge for us to deal with a subject that affects every one of us and yet doesn’t get a lot of attention. In our society, we take the use of a comfortable and hygienic toilet for granted. We only ever have to deal with the issue of basic needs when we find ourselves in a situation where these are not a given.

We made it our goal to ensure that you can rely on this basic need being met in any location without having to make compromises with regard to hygiene and comfort. In doing so, we support our nature and enable you to focus on the beautiful things in life.

Once upon a time in Africa
The success story of TROBOLO®

The story of TROBOLO® begins in 2012 when our founder Friedrich Lange took some time out to travel around Africa in his caravan for three months. Apart from countless inspiring cultural experiences, he also became aware of the fact that the basic need of a comfortable and hygienic toilet represents a great privilege for many people, while being regarded as a given for most parts of Europe.

It was this realisation that later made the young, passionate inventor create the first prototype of the TROBOLO® system that we know today.


Thank you all

Back in the day, I would not have dreamed of getting our products to where they are now. We would never have improved so much in such a short amount of time and grown as we did, had it not been for the help of our families, friends and an incredible team. Thanks!

Friedrich Lange
Love for nature
Certified for a cause

A very important milestone for us was the successful FSC certification as there’s nothing that we care about more than offering a product which does not only function entirely without chemicals but which also originates from sustainable and controlled cultivation. What’s more, our distribution network was expanded bit by bit thanks to exclusively using internet distribution which is subject to the same unconditional quality standards as our production.

In a small, tranquil village called Hotteln in Lower Saxony, the first TROBOLO® headquarters was established and was moved to Lower Saxony’s capital Hannover in 2019 where it is based today.

TROBOLO® Product - About us (1)
What makes us different?
We have a fantastic product

TROBOLO® stands for TROckenBiOLOkus (‘dry eco loo’) and it lives up to its name. Each and every one of our systems is crafted from sustainable materials in our local workshop and functions hygienically, without the need for water and is 100 % free of chemicals, anywhere you want.

The news about this spread very quickly among allotment holders and other people who were searching the market for waterless toilet systems as sensible alternatives. The market’s positive reaction to our innovative urine-diverting toilets on such a large scale was unpredictable for us and our young founder and posed a new challenge for our team.

We're commited to high-quality standards
We believe in craftsmanship

Words like ‘sustainable’ and ‘high-quality’ are easy to say. We didn’t just want to talk the talk, but we also wanted to walk the walk and thus decided to have our product crafted exclusively by a medium-sized workshop which can meet extremely high standards.

Thanks to the many positive messages that our customers send us, we are convinced that our determination not to compromise with regard to material and quality really paid off and are hence very proud of the joint success.

The TROBOLO® team
People united for a vision
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More than just a job
Team spirit is paramount to us

Our team is the heart and the driving force behind TROBOLO®’s success. We value every single one of our employees for their own individual talent and are delighted about the consistent growth of our company which would not have been possible without them.

We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications and take the time to respond to every applicant individually and in a professional manner. If you can convince us of your expertise, motivation and your kind heart in a personal interview, you can start working with us the next day. Simply send your application to jobs@trobolo.com and we will get in touch with you within a week of receiving your email at the latest. Let’s continue TROBOLO®’s success story together!

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