Cost comparison between toilet systems

Here you can find out why separating toilets are not only an ecologically sustainable solution in the sanitary sector, but also a cost-saving one

Running costs for the use of our separation toilets are significantly lower than those of commercially available alternatives. The TROBOLO® LeliBlœm, our separating toilet with electric exhaust air system designed for indoor use, is even cheaper to maintain than a conventional toilet. This is due in particular to the fact that our separation toilets efficiently save on costs for water, waste water and disposal. The following calculation examples are intended to illustrate the financial savings that can be achieved by using a TROBOLO®.

Costs of other toilet systems

With a conventional flush toilet, flushing your toilet Just once can cost from 3.1 to 6.2 cents depending on where you live, which can result in annual costs of over 100 euros.

You will need to assume even higher costs when using a toilet with a collecting pit, as is the case in allotments and holiday homes, for example, as these require regular emptying by a service provider. Here, too, the costs vary greatly depending on the service provider and your place of residence, and range from 150 to sometimes 300 euros per emptying. For year-round use, costs of over 1000 euros can be incurred.

If you were considering renting a chemical toilet, this is also cost-intensive, as the toilet must be emptied regularly by the respective proprietor of the toilet. Furthermore, additional costs are incurred due to the toilet chemicals used. Here, too, the amounts add up to 1500 or more Euros if the toilet is used all year round and emptied and cleaned weekly, depending on the provider.


Costs for TROBOLO© separation toilets


Our TROBOLO® models spare you costs of this kind. Only the use of litter and inlays results in minor costs for you with our TROBOLO® LuweBlœm and TROBOLO® KersaBœm models.
With our TROBOLO® LeliBlœm with electrical exhaust air vents, the costs are even lower, because thanks to the efficient and economical exhaust air system, there is no need for litter, so with this TROBOLO® you only incur costs for the use of inlays and electricity costs.

With a consumption of only 1.5 Wh, electricity costs are extremely low. The exhaust air system works over the entire period of use of the separating toilet, which corresponds to about 4 Euros per year for a year-round use and an average electricity price of 0.30 Euros per KWh.

365 days x 24 hours = 8,760*1.5 Wh= 13.14 KWh * 0.30 Euro = 3.94 Euro

A roll of compostable inlays (10 pieces) costs € 9.90 and a roll of inlays made of recycled plastic (25 pieces) costs € 24.90.

This means that the annual usage costs for our TROBOLO® LeliBlœm are significantly less than the amount you would have to plan for the water consumption of a conventional WC!

Therefore all our TROBOLO® models can be used for a whole year at significantly lower cost than other sanitary systems or your toilet at home. Thus, using a TROBOLO® does not only protect our environment, but also your wallet.

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