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It only takes a few days from placing your order to the free delivery of your TROBOLO

Placing an Order

You can place your order conveniently via our online shop. Alternatively, our friendly support team will be happy to take your order by phone, email or chat. Our team will be happy to advise you on your individual situation and provide you with help and advice.

As soon as you have placed your order and made the payment, it will be prepared for dispatch by our shipping team as quickly as possible. We will keep you informed of the status of your order by email throughout the ordering process.

Depending on which products you choose, they will be delivered either by parcel service or via our partner shipping company.

Delivery by parcel service

The majority of our products can be delivered directly to your home by parcel service. These include our composting toilets for indoors and on the move, such as the TROBOLO WandaGO and TROBOLO LuweBlœm. With the exception of our composter, all accessories are also sent by parcel service.

As soon as your delivery leaves our warehouse, we will send you a shipping confirmation with a tracking link so that you are always informed of where your delivery is at any given time.

Delivery by forwarding agent

For our larger products, such as the TROBOLO KersaBœm and TROBOLO KitaBœm, we use our partner shipping company. They deliver the large parts of the order directly to the delivery location of your choice.

In this case, you are not bound to an address that is suitable for parcel delivery, but can receive the delivery directly where it is needed, for example at your allotment garden. The shipping company will arrange the exact delivery date with you in advance by telephone.

The smaller accessories of the products are sent to your home in parallel by parcel post. You can track this part of the shipment at any time via the tracking link to find out the current delivery status. Of course, you can specify different addresses for shipping and parcel delivery if you wish.

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Our products
Composting toilets from TROBOLO
NEW campingtoilette-trobolo-wandago TROBOLO WandaGO
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TROBOLO_LunaBloem_960x640 TROBOLO LunaBlœm
from 729,00 
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TROBOLO_KitaBœm_Composter_960x640 TROBOLO KitaBœm & Composter
from 2.799,00 
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TROBOLO_NinoBlœm_960x640 TROBOLO NinoBlœm
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TROBOLO_KitaBœm_960x640 TROBOLO KitaBœm
from 2.489,00 
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TROBOLO_KersaBœm_Composter_960x640 TROBOLO KersaBœm & Composter
from 2.199,00 
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TROBOLO_TeraBlœm_960x640 TROBOLO TeraBlœm
from 429,00 
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TROBOLO_IndiBloem_960x640 TROBOLO IndiBlœm
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TROBOLO_BilaBloem_960x640 TROBOLO BilaBlœm
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TROBOLO_TinyBlœm_960x640 TROBOLO TinyBlœm
from 919,00 
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