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Once an order has been placed, it only takes a few days for your TROBOLO to be delivered free of charge.

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Once the order has been placed, we will have your TROBOLO delivered to your home via a parcel service, already fully assembled. We will send you e-mail updates throughout the entire process. As soon as we have handed over your TROBOLO to the parcel service, they will also contact you by e-mail to inform you of the exact delivery date which you can then adjust according to your own schedule, if necessary. The size and weight of your packaged TROBOLO is designed in a way that you will be able to carry it to the installation location yourself.


The delivery of your TROBOLO KersaBœm will be carried out by our partner shipping company.

Once your TROBOLO KersaBœm has been ordered, we’ll inform you about the delivery period through our partner shipping company. The company will subsequently contact you by phone to arrange a specific delivery date with you. You will then also have the option of arranging a delivery location that is not your home address in order to receive your TROBOLO KersaBœm. The packaging can be opened directly on the spot so that the individual elements can be carried to the place of installation.

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