Assembly & set-up

Here you’ll find information on how to set up our TROBOLO composting toilets

Assembly of TROBOLO KersaBœm & TROBOLO KitaBœm

In order to set up TROBOLO KersaBœm / TROBOLO KitaBœm, you should choose a location with firm ground. A flat surface of 1–2 m² will be sufficient. Moreover, there neither is a need for an additional foundation for the construction of the composting toilet, nor do you have to worry about the right tools thanks to the tool-free assembly, because:

Everything you need for the set up is included in the delivery.

Simply follow the assembly instructions illustrated step by step and set up your composting toilet in only 45 minutes and without any tools. All steps are listed clearly and in detail and do not require any technical skills.

Tip: the assembly works best when done by two people. Additionally it is recommended to apply weather protective paint to the exterior and interior surfaces to protect them from weather conditions in order and prevent any changes to the wood.

Our assembly instructions can be downloaded below.

Assembly instructions TROBOLO KersaBœm

Assembly instructions TROBOLO KitaBœm

TROBOLO Trenntoilette aufbauen

Assembly of TROBOLO TeraBlœm

The ideal place of installation is a dry and flat surface with minimum dimensions of 40cm x 55cm. Since the two inner containers are removed from above, you do not have to worry about the lateral distance when setting up your TROBOLO TeraBlœm. Additional fastening to the ground is also not required.

The TROBOLO TeraBlœm can be assembled in simple steps using the enclosed tool. The setup can be done easily by one person within a few minutes and doesn’t require any technical skills. The containers for the liquids and solids are included in the scope of supply of the TROBOLO TeraBlœm.

Further treatment of the surfaces can be carried out subsequently as the surfaces are optimally prepared for this. You can find a suitable set for surface treatment in our online shop under the following link. You can find a suitable set for surface treatment in our online shop under the following link.

Our assembly instructions can be downloaded below.

Assembly instructions TROBOLO TeraBlœm

Set-up of TROBOLO LuweBlœm

Our TROBOLO LuweBlœm will already be fully assembled when delivered to your home, so nothing will get in the way of immediate use. When choosing the installation location of your TROBOLO LuweBlœm, little needs to be taken into account. The unit should be placed in a dry space on a level surface. Additional fastening is not required, but if necessary, this can be easily done using a few screws.

Since you do not require any cables, pipes or other equipment for the set-up, you have maximum freedom of choice when selecting the location. The TROBOLO LuweBlœm does not require any lateral distance as the two inner containers are removed from above.

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Composting toilets from TROBOLO
NEW TROBOLO WandaGO Lite – Minimalist and space-saving composting toilet for on the go TROBOLO WandaGO Lite
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TROBOLO TeraGO – Compact composting toilet as a kit for indoor use. TROBOLO TeraGO
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TROBOLO WandaGO – Compact and ultra-lightweight composting toilet for camping and vanlife. TROBOLO WandaGO
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TROBOLO LunaBloem – Rounded composting toilet with optional exhaust system. TROBOLO LunaBlœm
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COMBO DEAL TROBOLO KitaBoem & Composter – Prefabricated kit for outdoor use incl. separate toilet for children. TROBOLO KitaBœm & Composter
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TROBOLO NinoBlœm – Composting toilet for children with carrying handles as a prefabricated kit. TROBOLO NinoBlœm
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TROBOLO KitaBœm – Prefabricated kit for outdoor use incl. separate toilet for children. TROBOLO KitaBœm
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COMBO DEAL TROBOLO KersaBœm & Composter – Prefabricated kit for outdoor use as a complete solution incl. composter. TROBOLO KersaBœm & Composter
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TROBOLO TeraBloem – Composting toilet as pre-assembled kit for usage in interior areas. TROBOLO TeraBlœm
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Special Sale TROBOLO BilaBlœm – Extra compact composting toilet with electrical exhaust system. TROBOLO BilaBlœm
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