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The TROBOLO SilvaBlœm is a shapely composting toilet with optional exhaust air system and cuts a particularly fine figure in mobile homes, Tiny Houses and garden sheds. The HPL coating ensures a stylish look and optimum protection against splashes and scratches.


    Toilet color

    Exhaust system i

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    • Description
      • Wooden body with hard-wearing HPL coating
      • High protection against splashes, fingerprints and scratches
      • Self-sufficient operation without water, chemicals or electricity
      • Reliable separation of urine and solids
      • Safe mobile use thanks to integrated spill stop
      • Removable wooden toilet seat with surface sealing
      • Easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning
      • Can also be permanently installed if required
      • Optionally extendable with natural or electric exhaust system
      • Includes one roll of inlays and 3 litres of litter
      • Tested load-bearing capacity of 200 kg
    • Dimensions & weight

      Floor space in mm:
      depth 325 | width 470

      Dimensions when closed in mm:
      height 490 | depth 326 | width 470

      Seat height in mm:

      Tested load-bearing capacity:
      200 kg body weight

      Weight :
      The weight of the TROBOLO SilvaBlœm is 9.7 kg.

    • Capacity

      Maximum number of usages through defecating:
      15-20 usages 30-40 usages (with electric extract system)

      Recommended intervals between emptying for the solids container:
      5-10 days*

      Volume of the container for solids:
      11 litres


      Maximum number of usages through urinating:
      30-50 usages

      Recommended intervals between emptying for the liquids container:
      3-4 days

      Volume of the container for liquids:
      10 litres*

      *The maximum number of uses can be used up regardless of the time if an electric extract system is used.

    • Scope of delivery
      1x TROBOLO SilvaBlœm
      1x Solids container, 11 litres
      1x Liquids container, 10 litres
      1x Spill stop
      1x 3 litres litter
      1x Roll compostable inlays (large)
      1x User manual
      1x Electric exhaust air system (optional)
      1x Exhaust air pipe set (optional)
    • Material

      The TROBOLO SilvaBlœm is made of sturdy 10mm birch wood and covered with a resistant HPL coating. The scratch-resistant material enables a long service life and offers increased protection against moisture and heat. The urine diverter is made of extra robust and recyclable polypropylene.

    • Electric exhaust system (optional)

      The electric exhaust system is particularly recommended if you will be using your TROBOLO regularly and continuously. It can be flexibly connected via the supplied mains plug with a USB connection (12V, 24V, or 230V) and has an extremely low power consumption. The max. current is 0.26 A, the max. power consumption of 1.3 W and the noise level of 19.3 dB. The electric exhaust system can be operated via a regular power connection or for example a power bank.

    • Shipping & set-up

      We will send your TROBOLO SilvaBlœm to your home fully assembled so that all you need to do is to set it up in a dry, level place. Additional fastening is not necessary but can make sense if you want to use your TROBOLO in a camper van or van, for example. It can then be attached by simply screwing it to the floor or to a wall. No lateral distance to the wall is necessary, as the two internal containers are removed from above.

      The TROBOLO SilvaBlœm is available in different versions and is completely odour-free when in operation thanks to the use of litter or an electric exhaust system. If you plan to use your TROBOLO regularly, we recommend an electric exhaust system, as this allows for more comfortable and efficient use when using your TROBOLO continuously. If necessary, you can direct the odours outside via our exhaust pipe and the electric exhaust system. For occasional use, for example on weekends only, the use of litter instead of an electric exhaust system is enough for odourless, self-sufficient toilet comfort. Optionally, additional use of our natural exhaust system in combination with litter is possible in order to discharge residual odours and moisture outside without electricity.

      The possible areas of use for the TROBOLO SilvaBlœm are numerous due to its compact dimensions and self-sufficient mode of operation. The most popular areas of use for the TROBOLO SilvaBlœm include the garden, a house, a tiny house as well as campers and vans. The rounded look makes the TROBOLO SilvaBlœm a truly one-of-a-kind design that fits perfectly into any room concept and provides maximum toilet comfort for both regular and occasional use.

    TROBOLO Silvabloem-8-Real

    Aesthetics all along the line
    Separation can be so beautiful

    The TROBOLO SilvaBlœm is the self-sufficient and chemical-free toilet solution for your motorhome and Tiny House. You can easily add a natural or electric exhaust system to this beautifully designed composting toilet and install it permanently if required. Experience toilet comfort like at home without the need for costly disposal and the use of chemicals.

    TROBOLO Silvabloem-9-Real_w

    It makes a statement

    Looks good and holds its own

    Your TROBOLO SilvaBlœm is made of high-quality European birch. The surfaces not only look stylish thanks to their HPL finish. They are also particularly protected against splashes of water, fingerprints and scratches. Our eye-catcher among the composting toilets. Available in TROBOLO white or TROBOLO grey.

    Forest with certifed Wood

    Handmade sustainability

    For the sake of the environment

    We use high-quality birch wood for your TROBOLO SilvaBlœm. The handmade product is environmentally friendly, robust and unique due to the individual grain of the wood.

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    Birgit Traugott
    High quality manufacture!! Can't be compared to plastic parts offered by other manufacturers. All doubts are gone, this is a fully functional toilet without any compromises. Will recommend this to my friends.

    Competent advisors and a stunning product. With this dry toilet I have finally found a sustainable, hygienic solution for my garden. Thanks for this

    Thanks again. Everything worked out. Shipping to Austria without any issues and for a fair price. Great product, we recommend it. Especially the workmanship is impressive!!!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you will find short and clear answers to questions we are frequently asked.

    If you have any other questions or would like detailed advice on your individual situation, please feel free to call us at 0511/51510816 or send us an e-mail at

    • How do I use a TROBOLO?

      Using a TROBOLO differs little from using a conventional toilet. The sitting position is identical to that of a regular toilet – this applies to both men and women. Thanks to the contact-free separation system the body only touches the toilet seat. Merely urinating while standing should be avoided as the urine cannot be fully separated in this case.


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    • Are odours generated during usage?

      Since unpleasant odours only develop when faeces come into contact with urine, the TROBOLO separation system prevents a mixing of the excretions. Remaining odours and any arising moisture are also absorbed by litter which is not required in a TROBOLO with an electric exhaust system.


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    • How do I empty my TROBOLO?

      All TROBOLO models can be conveniently opened from above to remove the two separate containers located inside. After opening the TROBOLO, the inside containers are sealed tightly with the help of the closures through a simple pressing or screw mechanism, which renders them air- and liquid-tight. The final step is to remove the containers which can then be transported to the emptying location.


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    • What is the function of the separation system?

      By separating the excretions, odours are reduced to a minimum and the subsequent disposal of toilet waste is made easier. Unpleasant odours arise only when urine and faeces are combined which is why it is possible to do without toilet chemicals that are harmful to the environment.


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