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Urine-diverting toilet as a pre-assembled kit for interior areas:

  • Comfort of a regular toilet
  • Odourless due to litter and separation system
  • Easy and hygienic emptying
  • Autonomous without any need for water or chemicals
  • Requires neither electricity nor any other connections
  • Easy installation without any extra tools
  • Winterproof operation even in temperature below freezing point


FSC certified

TROBOLO® is FSC®-certified and only uses wood sourced from 100% sustainable forestry.


  • Icon_Autarke_Nutzung

    Waterless usage


Due to the absence of a water flush, the TROBOLO® system prevents the production of waste water so that no connection to the sewer system is required.

  • Icon_Geruchneutral

    Separation system


Odours are effectively prevented and reduced to a minimum by separating the urine from solid excrements. The separation is made possible by an integrated separator made of durable plastic. Learn more.

  • Icon_Hygienisch

    Hygienic usage


Using a TROBOLO® is just like using a regular toilet. The separation system functions without any contact so that the body only comes into contact with the toilet seat. Since the excretions only touch plastic surfaces, the cleaning is also hygienic.

  • Icon_Entleerung

    Easy emptying


Thanks to the TROBOLO® separation system, the two separate containers located inside can be removed in a few easy steps without you having to come into contact with the excretions, making the emptying easy and hygienic.

  • Icon_KeinStrom

    No electricity supply


Due to the complete absence of electricity, this TROBOLO® does not require a power connection. The urine-diverting toilet operates entirely autonomously.

  • Icon_einstreu



In order to absorb remaining odours and moisture, around 250 ml of litter is scattered over the solid excretions and the used toilet paper after every defecating.

  • Icon_Normales_Toilettenpapier

    Regular toilet paper


The toilet paper doesn’t have to be disposed of separately but is dropped through the toilet opening as usual. The use of special toilet paper is not required for this.

  • Icon_einfache_entsorgung

    Easy disposal


The TROBOLO® separation system allows for a decentralised recycling of toilet waste on your own property or alternatively, the toilet waste can be disposed of via your household waste, as you would do with used nappies, and you can empty the liquids container via a toilet that is connected to the sewage system.

  • Icon_kapazität



Maximum number of usages through defecating: 15-20 usages
Recommended intervals between emptying for the solids container: 5-10 days
Volume of the container for solids: 11 litres

Maximum number of usages through urinating: 30-50 usages
Recommended intervals between emptying for the solids container: 3-4 days
Volume of the container for liquids: 10 litres

  • IconLieferumfang

    Scope of delivery


1x kit incl. small parts
1x Allen key
1x toilet seat
1x solids container, 11l
1x liquids container, 10l
1x assembly instructions
1x label ‘user manual’

  • Icon_Maße_innen

    Dimensions & weight


Dimensions when closed in mm:
Height 435 | Depth 470 | Width 360
Seat height in mm: 415
Load-bearing capacity: body weight of 120 kg
Height and diameter of the toilet seat match the German standard dimensions.
The weight of the TROBOLO® TeraBlœm is 11 kg

  • Icon_Material



The TROBOLO® TeraBlœm is made of 15 mm thick alder plywood and is therefore particularly robust. The surfaces are optimally prepared for a further, individual surface treatment. The separation system consists of resistant plastic and its surface has been sealed.

  • Icon_KeinWerkzeug

    Tool-free assembly


The TROBOLO® TeraBlœm is assembled in simple steps using the enclosed Allen key. The setup can be done easily by one person within a few minutes and doesn’t require any technical skills. Additional fastening is not required.

  • Icon_einfache_Reinigung

    Easy cleaning


The excretions only come into contact with the plastic surfaces which means that the cleaning is hygienic and easy. The wooden surfaces can be proofed with a natural oil and can then be cleaned with a damp cloth, just like the toilet seat which is made of robust plastic. Learn more.

  • Icon_keine_Chemie

    No chemicals


Due to the TROBOLO® separation system, there is no need for chemicals. The human excretions therefore do not turn into hazardous waste which would require a costly disposal that is also damaging to the environment.

  • Icon_Nachhaltigkeit

    100% sustainable


The complete absence of chemicals and water protects our environment and allows for the closing of a vital cycle.


Your TROBOLO® at a glance

Our TROBOLO® TeraBlœm is an easy kit which can be set up within a short amount of time thanks to the enclosed step-by-step instructions. The pre-assembled wooden components are optimally prepared for surface treatments and thereby allow for individual designs. The optional natural oil set adds a perfect, protective finishing and at the same time waterproofs your TROBOLO® TeraBlœm.

When choosing the place of installation for your TROBOLO® TeraBlœm, you only have to make sure that it will stand in a dry and level place. Learn more

The possible areas of application for the TROBOLO® TeraBlœm are diverse and it is particularly well-suited for occasional usage.

The heart of your TROBOLO® – our new separating insert

The TROBOLO® TeraBlœm is equipped with our newly developed, improved separating toilet insert. This enables perfect separation of solids and liquids, and it is made of responsibly selected, recyclable plastic. The selection of this material enables the separator to have a very long service life, which was an important consideration for us during development with regard to sustainability. Only the filter sieve can suffer significant wear over time due to deposits – but thanks to the TROBOLO® adapter system, this individual part can be replaced in seconds, while the insert itself remains unaffected by wear and can therefore continue to be used. The integrated seal of the adapter system also ensures an absolutely secure connection with the separator.

Separating insert

Independence thanks to TROBOLO®

The challenge was to develop a hygienic and comfortable toilet system that can satisfy the highest standards even in locations where this seems impossible. With our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets, our team managed to develop an autonomous and sustainable solution for your daily basic needs which does not require you to do without the usual comfort.

We look forward to advising you on the area of autonomous sanitary technology and to sharing our know-how with you.

Friedrich Lange

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