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TROBOLO® is FSC®-certified and only uses wood sourced from 100% sustainable forestry.
tüv-144x144 The sustainability of the raw materials we use is certified by PEFC and TÜV.

Spill stop

Item number: ASXX1374

With the TROBOLO® Spill stop, your liquid container remains spill-proof during mobile toilet use, regardless of its fill level. So your TROBOLO® can be transported safely from A to B or used in all kinds of vehicles. This accessory is ideally suited for use with our TROBOLO® Urine-Diverting Toilet Insert and liquids container.

  • Allows safe mobile use of composting toilets
  • Protects against spillage of the liquids container regardless of fill level
  • Requires no additional sealing and therefore remains ready for use without preparation
  • Suitable for composting toilets with TROBOLO® Separation insert and liquids container
  • Material: Polyprophylene, 100% recyclable


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