TROBOLO KersaBœm with composter front view
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO composter
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet
TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet

TROBOLO KersaBœm & Composter

Item number: M20C30XX1331

The TROBOLO KersaBœm with composter is the perfect outdoor toilet, made of solid wood. This composting toilet can be used year-round and is now even more affordable as part of the set.

COMBO DEAL: Includes TROBOLO composter
    1 Paint set 2 litres (optional) i
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    ⬤  in stock and ready to ship
     4 - 10 days

    ⬤  In stock
     4 - 10 days
    • Description
      • Extra robust toilet cubicle made of solid wood
      • Easy, foundation-free assembly without tools
      • Integrated natural exhaust system
      • Self-sufficient operation without water, chemicals or electricity
      • Reliable separation of urine and solids
      • Door lock with stainless steel bolt including occupied sign
      • Lockable from the outside by means of a padlock device
      • Natural wooden surfaces for individual treatment
      • High-quality wooden toilet seat with surface sealing
      • Weatherproof daylight roof
      • Safe operation even at sub-zero temperatures
      • Separately available LED light with motion sensor
      • Easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning
      • With closable composter made of solid wood
      • Includes one roll of inlays and 3 litres of litter
      • Tested load-bearing capacity of 220 kg
    • Dimensions & weight

      Exterior dimensions with roof in cm:
      Height 216 | Depth 121 | Width 105

      Tested load-bearing capacity:
      220 kg

      Exterior dimensions without roof in cm:
      Height 216 | Depth 102 | Width 100

      Toilet seat:
      Height and diameter of the toilet seat match the German standard dimensions.

      Interior dimensions in cm:
      Height 200 | Depth 97 | Width 93

      Weight :
      The weight of the TROBOLO KersaBœm is 160 kg.

    • Capacity

      Maximum number of usages through defecating:
      30-40 usages

      Recommended intervals between emptying for the solids container:
      20-30 days

      Maximum number of usages through urinating:
      30-50 usages

      Recommended intervals between emptying for the liquids container:
      7-10 days

      There is also space under the seat for additional containers so that they can be replaced in no time at all and the capacity can thus be easily doubled or even tripled.

    • Scope of delivery
      1x kit for TROBOLO KersaBœm incl. roof and small parts
      1x kit for TROBOLO Composter
      1x exhaust duct
      1x toilet seat with lid
      1x separating insert
      1x solids container 22 litres
      1x liquids container 10 litres (plus an optional second liquids container for quick changes)
      1x 3 litres litter
      1x roll compostable inlays (large)
      1x user manual
      1x assembly instructions for TROBOLO KersaBœm
    • Material

      The TROBOLO KersaBœm is made of 23 mm thick solid pinewood in consideration of constructive wood protection which serves to prevent waterlogging and is therefore very robust and durable. The surfaces have been treated to such an extent that they can immediately be treated with further coatings. The interior construction is made of 18 mm thick plywood that has been veneered with alder wood. The urine diverter is made of extra robust and recyclable polypropylene.

      The TROBOLO composter is made of 40 mm thick solid spruce wood and is thereby extremely weather-resistant as the years go by.

    • Shipping & set-up

      Once your TROBOLO KersaBœm has been ordered, we’ll inform you about the delivery period through our partner shipping company. This usually happens 4-7 working days after receipt of payment. The company will subsequently contact you by phone to arrange a specific delivery date with you. You will then also have the option of arranging a delivery location that is not your home address in order to receive your TROBOLO KersaBœm.

      The packaging can be opened directly on the spot so that the individual elements can be carried to the place of installation where you can set up your TROBOLO KersaBœm easily and without any tools thanks to the clear step-by-step instructions. Learn more


    TROBOLO is FSC®-certified and only uses wood sourced from 100% responsible forestry for this product.
    tüv-144x144 The sustainability of the raw materials we use is certified by PEFC and TÜV.

    This is what your outdoor composting toilet can do

    Here, Elfie and Patrick show you how to assemble the TROBOLO KersaBœm and what functions the composting toilet offers.

    Play video
    Composting toilet TROBOLO KersaBoem set-up TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet for outdoor use, a man with child stand front of the toilet TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet for outdoor use,  visible hand that fastens the screw
    Anybody can do that

    Foolproof setup wihtout tools

    Everything you need to assemble your TROBOLO KersaBœm is included in your delivery. Special skills or additional tools are not necessary. Anyone can do it!

    TROBOLO KersaBœm dry separation toileta
    Comfortable upkeep and maintenance

    A clever big flap

    Thanks to a practically designed seat that is both foldable and lockable, you can maintain your TROBOLO® KersaBœm particularly quickly and easily. An all-round clean solution.

    Inside your TROBOLO KersaBœm you will find an integrated litter compartment as well as additional storage space, so that you can, for example, store a second liquid container for an immediate exchange.

    TROBOLO KersaBœm top view outside
    A natural exhaust system

    For extra fresh air inside your TROBOLO

    Your TROBOLO KersaBœm will be absolutely odourless. In addition to the use of litter, this is due to the natural exhaust system, which cleverly makes use of the natural chimney effect to discharge residual odours outside.

    Forest with certifed Wood
    For the love of nature

    Sustainability and craftsmanship with conviction

    We manufacture your TROBOLO KersaBœm by hand from high-quality, solid wood in our own production facility. So you can be sure with a clear conscience that you have chosen a qualitative and sustainable product.

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    We got this toilet for our horse stable and are very happy so far with regard to quality, appearance, odour development and set-up! I really like the way it looks and I think it has a great price-performance ratio; that’s why we’ve already recommended it and will continue doing so.

    We decided to go for the Kersaboem due to financial reasons. Because the ongoing costs for a portaloo are mental in the long run!!! The set-up was as described: easy, but it did take me more than 20 minutes, but then again, I did do it by myself. We’ve been using it daily for a week now. Absolutely amazing! No more of this portaloo stink and all that plastic. I’ve also emptied it once already, it wasn’t necessary yet, but I still wanted to try it out. I was expecting worse and even my daughter didn’t run away. Didn’t think that this little odour would develop, simply by separating the urine. The emptying didn’t take longer than 2 min.

    Der ToM
    Super nice contact. Quick and compact delivery. Managed to set it up after half an hour despite being all thumbs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you will find short and clear answers to questions we are frequently asked.

    If you have any other questions or would like detailed advice on your individual situation, please feel free to call us at 0511/51510816 or send us an e-mail at

    • How do I use a TROBOLO?

      Using a TROBOLO differs little from using a conventional toilet. The sitting position is identical to that of a regular toilet – this applies to both men and women. Thanks to the contact-free separation system the body only touches the toilet seat. Merely urinating while standing should be avoided as the urine cannot be fully separated in this case.

    • Are odours generated during usage?

      Since unpleasant odours only develop when faeces come into contact with urine, the TROBOLO separation system prevents a mixing of the excretions. Remaining odours and any arising moisture are also absorbed by litter which is not required in a TROBOLO with an electric exhaust system.

    • How do I empty my TROBOLO?

      All TROBOLO models can be conveniently opened from above to remove the two separate containers located inside. After opening the TROBOLO, the inside containers are sealed tightly with the help of the closures through a simple pressing or screw mechanism, which renders them air- and liquid-tight. The final step is to remove the containers which can then be transported to the emptying location.

    • What is the function of the separation system?

      By separating the excretions, odours are reduced to a minimum and the subsequent disposal of toilet waste is made easier. Unpleasant odours arise only when urine and faeces are combined which is why it is possible to do without toilet chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

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