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Urine-diverting toilets from TROBOLO® allow you comfortable and hygienic toilet usage no matter where you are. Simple, autonomous and sustainable. This is TROBOLO®. A clean solution.

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What the urine-diverting toilets by TROBOLO® offer

Autarke Trenntoiletten

Autonomous usage

No water or sewer connection available? No problem. Urine-diverting toilets from TROBOLO® are autonomous and hygienic.
Nachhaltige Trenntoiletten

100 % sustainable

The complete absence of chemicals and water makes it easy to dispose of the waste and at the same time reduces the impact on the environment.
Einfache Entleerung Trenntoiletten

Easy emptying

Thanks to the TROBOLO® separation system, emptying the toilet is simple, hygienic and only takes a few steps.
Geruchlose Trenntoiletten

No odours

The TROBOLO® separation system reduces odours and in combination with an exhaust system manages to completely eradicate any smell.

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Independence thanks to TROBOLO®

‘The Challenge was to develop hygienic and compfortable toilet systems that meet the highest demands, even in locations where this seems impossible. With our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets, our team has succeeded in dfeveloping an autonomous and sustainable solution for your daily basic needs without sacrificing the comfort you’re accustomed to. We look forward to advising you on the subject-containes sanotary technology and to sharing our know-how with you.’

Friedrich Lange
Managing Director

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a urine-diverting toilet from TROBOLO® offer you?

Are you looking for an innovative, sustainable and hygienic toilet alternative that offers you the usual comfort of a conventional toilet? You have made the conscious decision to do so or maybe you’re reliant on a waterless and therefore autonomous sanitary solution but prefer to avoid the use of environmentally harmful chemicals?
By opting for a hand-crafted TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilet, you may consider all of these selection criteria as fulfilled – because at TROBOLO®, we have made it our mission to develop an autonomous and hygienic sanitary solution that offers maximum comfort and – in addition to being used within your own home – can also be used in areas where other toilet systems would reach their limits.

Dry toilet with separation system

This is made possible thanks to our TROBOLO® separation system which is used in all TROBOLO® models. A separator inside the toilet separates and collects urine and faeces reliably and in an isolated manner. This already effectively prevents the development of odours which would normally be caused by the mixing of excretions and subsequent development of ammonia. The addition of natural litter helps to dry out the solids as well as visually covering them. Furthermore, any potential residual odours are being reduced to a minimum. In addition to this, the models TROBOLO® LeliBlœm and TROBOLO® KersaBœm also have an exhaust system which removes any incurring odours completely and reliably. While the TROBOLO® KersaBœm utilises the chimney effect, the TROBOLO® LeliBlœm uses an electric exhaust system which renders the use of litter unneccessary. The application of practical inlays as well as the air- and liquid-tight nature of the collecting container eventually allow a hygienic and safe emptying of toilet waste and their subsequent disposal. Moreover, the cleaning effort of your TROBOLO® is limited to an occasional cleaning of the seat surface due to the easily removable inlays. Our urine-diverting toilets offer the highest level of comfort thanks to selected natural materials and require no adjustment compared to a conventional toilet. As a result of the waterless operation and the absence of harmful toilet chemicals, a TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilet has an excellent environmental balance. This can be enhanced even further by the possibility of composting the toilet waste and thus returning valuable nutrients to the soil. We can also supply you with a matching and hand-crafted composter made of weather-resistant solid wood for your TROBOLO®.

Our TROBOLO® dry toilets impress with their simple and effective separation system which meets the highest hygienic standards and effectively prevents unpleasant odours. Thanks to the absence of water and sanitary chemicals, a TROBOLO® has an excellent environmental record and, in addition, enables maximum autonomy. Whether you’re looking for a toilet alternative for your home, your garden, allotments, horse farm or even for communal areas such as forest kindergartens: with a TROBOLO®, you are optimally equipped and in possession of an autonomous and sustainable sanitary solution.

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