Build your own composting toilet with TROBOLO

DIY culture has gained more and more followers in recent years and has conquered practically all areas of everyday life. Composting toilets are also part of the growing group of popular DIY projects. Reason enough for us to follow this trend and introduce you to the do-it-yourself possibilities of our odourless TROBOLO composting toilets.


On this page, we will show you what you need to pay attention to when building your own composting toilet, which accessories you will need and how you can assemble a fully functional composting toilet on your own.

TROBOLO offers you ideal composting toilet inserts for your DIY project. In addition, our DIY configurator is available to help you put together your composting toilet step by step.

Below you will find a detailed description of the most important components of each composting toilet, followed by our DIY instructions, which show you all the necessary steps of the DIY construction in detail.

The composting toilet insert from TROBOLO - the cornerstone of every DIY composting toilet


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If you want to build your own composting toilet, you can incorporate your own ideas and give free rein to your creativity in many areas. However, when it comes to the cornerstone of your composting toilet – the separator – a professional solution is always recommended, for example our TROBOLO composting toilet insert.
The separation insert, which directs the liquid and solid excreta into different containers, is essential for the proper functioning of a composting toilet. With our separator, you do not compromise on hygiene and comfort. The separation of the excreta takes place without your intervention and allows you to use your composting toilet just as you would with a conventional toilet. However, urinating in a standing position is not recommended due to the separate collection containers.

The TROBOLO separation insert is surface-sealed, made of high-quality polypropylene and therefore 100% recyclable, which is an important concern for us when selecting materials. The sealing also guarantees a particularly long service life of the separation insert as well as its quick and uncomplicated cleaning.

In addition, our separator is characterised in particular by the use of the innovative TROBOLO adapter system. This allows you to replace the filter screen adapter in seconds with an alternative attachment to which you can also attach a hose for drainage. This can be connected to the grey water tanks of your motorhome. Thanks to the adapter system, the TROBOLO separation insert is ideally suited for every DIY composting toilet project – regardless of whether you are aiming to build a stationary or mobile composting toilet.

Since we have based the dimensions of the separator on standard values, it can be used with a standard toilet seat without any problems. Alternatively, you can also opt for our composting toilet insert and toilet seat, which we offer as a set at a reduced price. Like all our wooden products, our toilet seat is made of FSC®-certified wood and is therefore demonstrably sustainable. Two high-quality stainless steel hinges serve as a connecting piece between the toilet seat and lid, giving the set extra stability.


The basic structure of your DIY composting toilet - a robust wooden frame structure from TROBOLO

If you want to build your composting toilet yourself, you will need a basic framework that gives the whole thing its shape and, in combination with the rest of the components, finally becomes a fully functional toilet.

One option is to go to a DIY store, find the materials you need, and then saw them into the right size yourself to build the basic structure of your composting toilet. This involves a lot of effort and so that this task does not become an insurmountable obstacle, we offer you the corresponding wooden frame structure options from TROBOLO. Our wooden frame structure is available in two sizes, so you can choose the model that best suits your individual project. The wooden frame structure arrives as a kit, contains all the necessary parts and can be assembled in a few minutes without any additional tools.

Like all TROBOLO wooden products, our wooden frame structure is also made of certified ecological wood. The robust 15mm alder multi-layer board ensures a high level of durability and makes your DIY composting toilet a real eye-catcher, and thanks to the individual grain, a unique specimen.

One of the biggest advantages of our wooden frame structure is that it is very easy to equip with our accessories. To make it especially easy for you to put together your own DIY composting toilet, the wooden frame structure can be ordered exclusively via our configurator, which shows you exactly which products are compatible with the wooden frame structure you have selected.

DIY project composting toilet - A guide

Building your own composting toilet is relatively easy if you use our DIY accessories and our wooden frame structure.

Alternatively, you can also make the frame structure yourself or even (painstakingly) make the toilet seat and lid yourself. As far as the separating insert is concerned, we recommend that you use a professionally manufactured model, as constructing your own would entail considerable losses in terms of hygiene.

In the following, we will describe how you can build your own composting toilet step by step and which materials, tools and accessories you will need for this. In addition, you will find visual instructions here.

Materials and tools
– Allen screws and spanner (included with the wooden frame structure)
– Glue or screws for attaching the separating insert

Accessories for your DIY composting toilet
Composting toilet insert
Toilet seat
– Wooden frame structure
Solids container
Liquid container
– Optional: electric or natural exhaust system

Alle Bestandteile zum Trenntoilette selber bauen liegen auf einem Tisch ausgebreitet

Assembling the wooden frame structure

You can assemble our wooden frame structure yourself in just a few minutes. Additional tools or special craftsmanship skills are not necessary. The wooden frame structure comes with detailed assembly instructions that show you exactly how to proceed.

Assembling the toilet seat and the seperating insert

Once the wooden frame structure is assembled, it’s time to attach the separating insert to the lid of your toilet. You can either screw or glue our separating insert in place. Both options are recommended so that you can choose the method that is more comfortable for you.

The next step is to attach the toilet seat. To do this, fit the hinges to the cover plate and finally connect it to the toilet seat.

If you decide on our separating insert or the set consisting of separating insert & toilet seat, you will benefit from the enclosed installation instructions. Thanks to these, the installation of the separating insert and toilet seat is a breeze.

Optional: Integration of an exhaust system

Besides the self-sufficient use without water and electricity, the odourless operation is one of the biggest advantages of our composting toilets. If you plan to use your DIY composting toilet regularly, we recommend installing an electric exhaust system. If you use the TROBOLO wooden frame structure, you can easily integrate our electric exhaust system. The electrical exhaust system is available both individually and as a set with an exhaust pipe, through which you can discharge the odours directly outside.

For occasional use, for example only at weekends, you can use litter instead of an electric exhaust system, which also ensures that you can use your composting toilet absolutely odour-free. In addition, it is possible to use a natural exhaust system in combination with litter.


It only takes a few more steps to put it into operation. Place the solids container including inlay in the rear area of your composting toilet under the separating insert. Place the urine container in the front under the urine outlet of the separating insert. To avoid possible mistakes, you can simply follow our TROBOLO instructions for use when placing the containers. Your DIY composting toilet is now ready for use!

Our TROBOLO TeraBlœm, TROBOLO KersaBœm and TROBOLO KitaBœm kits are also recommended for a particularly smooth DIY construction. The kits contain everything you need to assemble your composting toilet and come with practical assembly instructions.

Like all TROBOLO models, self-built composting toilets with TROBOLO accessories and our kits enable self-sufficient toilet use without the development of odours.

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Build your own composting toilet

DIY culture has gained more and more followers in recent years and has conquered practically all areas of everyday life. Composting toilets are also part of the growing group of popular DIY projects. Reason enough for us to follow this trend and introduce you to the do-it-yourself possibilities of our odourless TROBOLO composting toilets.

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