TROBOLO WandaGO composting toilet in front of a van


TROBOLO - The solution for campers & vans

With composting toilets from TROBOLO, self-contained toilet use becomes child’s play, even when on the go – you can find out how it works here.

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Mobile composting toilet TROBOLO BilaBox in a compact black eurobox format, front view


Practical and ultra-light, mobile composting toilet in a compact Eurobox format.

£ 149,00
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days



Extra light and compact composting toilet with clever height adjustment.

£ 229,00
incl. VAT / incl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days

TROBOLO WandaGO Lite – Minimalist and space-saving composting toilet for on the go


Ultra-light, compact and flexible composting toilet for on the go.

£ 199,00
incl. VAT / incl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days



Shapely composting toilet made of wood with HPL finish and optional exhaust system.

£ 499,00
incl. VAT / incl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days

TROBOLO TeraBloem – Komposttoilette als vormontierter Bausatz für den Einsatz im Innenbereich.


Clever wooden composting toilet with optional exhaust system as a complete kit.

£ 359,00
incl. VAT / incl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days

TROBOLO TeraGO composting toilet van
Mobile toilet use without compromises

Comfortable, hygienic and sustainable

Even mobile, our composting toilets can be used like conventional toilets and still remain just as comfortable and hygienic. Thanks to waterfree and chemical-free operation and handcrafted production, by choosing TROBOLO you are also opting for a sustainable solution.

TROBOLO BilaBlœm (9) Composting TROBOLO IndiBloem in the trunk of a camper van P1_Image_03-SK_v2
Maximum flexibility

Space-saving eye-catchers

From fixed-installable models that can be connected to the grey water tank to completely mobile models that can be transported flexibly and spill-proof, we offer space-saving and hygienic toilet solutions for all needs.

Natural freshness on the road

100% odour-free toilet use

Enjoy the comfort of odor-free toilet use with TROBOLO even on the road! These solutions are based on our sophisticated separation system, which, in combination with litter or an electric exhaust system, prevents any odor build-up.

No need for disposal stations

100% independence

With your TROBOLO you are always and everywhere independent, as you are not bound to disposal stations. Therfore you can stay at your favourite place for as long as you like. You can dispose of the solid waste together with the inlay, like used diapers, in the residual waste. To empty the liquids container you can use a public toilet, for example.

Easy to handle

Effortless emptying and cleaning

Thanks to the TROBOLO separation system, emptying is simple, hygienic, and done in just a few steps. The only thing that needs to be done is to remove the separate, lockable containers in order to empty them on site or transport them to the emptying location. The containers are airtight and liquid-tight, so leakage is not possible and even transport over long distances is trouble-free. Since the excreta only come into contact with plastic surfaces, cleaning is also 100% hygienic.

Trobolo  WandaGO composting toilet

On the road with the TROBOLO WandaGO in a VW California

“We have been looking for a long time for a composting toilet for our VW T6.1 California Ocean, which also fits in the kitchen cupboard, where many have a chemical toilet. So we tested different models and none of them fit in without problems. This is different with the Trobolo WandaGO, which not only fits perfectly in the cupboard but is also super comfortable and easy to clean. Thanks to its clever design, you sit at a normal height, despite the very compact dimensions. Even a toilet paper dispenser was thought of. Our search for the perfect camping toilet is finally over.”

Familie mit Bulli
Proud TROBOLO WandaGO owners