Saving water

Sustainability is now firmly integrated into our everyday lives. We buy second-hand, we reuse and upcycle, we try our hand at DIY projects, we buy seasonally and regionally. All these measures ultimately aim to save as many resources as possible. Responsible use of water as a resource always plays a special role. In the following, we would like to address the question: How can I save water in everyday life and optimise my water consumption?

TROBOLO BilaBlœm (1)

Sustainability on the road: van life and camping fact check

Van Life: From trend to lifestyle. More and more people choose to go into nature.

TROBOLO KersaBoem Function

Function of the TROBOLO Separating Toilet System

The special mode of operation of dry toilets and composting toilets with a separation system may appear somewhat experimental to some people and may create some reservations.


Why an emergency toilet is a good purchase 

An emergency toilet can be extremely helpful when regular toilets are not available. In this article, we present specific situations where you can use an emergency toilet and explain how an emergency toilet works without water, electricity or chemicals.

TROBOLO KersaBoem in the forest kindergarten with two children and a woman

Toilet use when travelling with children

Learn how a sustainable use of toilets with children works when you are out in the countryside.


Zero Waste – more than just waste reduction

The Zero Waste movement is on the rise. Avoiding waste in order to protect the environment is the basis for many of their daily activities. Companies, hotels, restaurants and even entire cities are joining this movement and are looking for ways to reduce the flood of waste. But the very idea of Zero Waste goes beyond just waste reduction. It is therefore extra interesting to take a closer look at this topic.