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Expect the unexpected. Why an emergency toilet is a good purchase.

An emergency toilet can be extremely helpful when regular toilets are not available. In this article, we present specific situations where you can use an emergency toilet and explain how an emergency toilet works without water, electricity or chemicals.

Most of us take functioning toilets for granted. But what if the sanitary facilities fail altogether and cannot be used? Sometimes you can foresee such situations, for example when camping, on long car journeys across the country, in a camper van, on holiday or when renovating the bathroom. But not everything can be planned for and sometimes you find yourself in an emergency situation quite unexpectedly, without enough time to prepare. Examples of such situations can be:

  • A massive malfunction in the sewage system
  • Maintenance work on the sewage system
  • Floods
  • Wars
  • A burst pipe in the bathroom

If you want to be prepared, you can safeguard yourself with an emergency toilet. Below we take a closer look at why buying such a toilet can be a very good decision.

Renovation work or switched-off sewage system? This helps now

What do you do if the bathroom cannot be used due to maintenance work or heavy rainfall causes problems in the sewage system? Maybe you can temporarily stay with friends or book a hotel. There’s always the option of staying at a friend’s house or booking a hotel, but what if the problem is prolonged and you’re without your own plumbing for days? Whether it’s a local sewage system failure or a global crisis, an emergency toilet can be extremely helpful in such cases.

Even though the probability of such events may seem low, they can still occur at any time and have devastating effects. And then one’s bathroom may not be able to be used for a few days. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to friends’ or relatives’ homes, and hotels nearby may not always be available. With an emergency toilet, one is prepared even for these unforeseeable events.

Not just for emergencies! Here are some other ideas for using your portable toilet in everyday life.

Comfortable holidays in nature  

Camping, tenting and other outdoor activities in nature could be so beautiful – if it weren’t for the annoying issue of sanitary facilities. Either they are missing altogether or they are in such a state that you would rather not use them even though they are there. Sure, there are campsites that offer excellent sanitary facilities. But this luxury is by no means a standard feature. With your own emergency toilet, you are completely independent of the existing or non-existing toilet facilities.

Also suitable for on the road  

You prefer to be on the road all the time, be it in a camper, van or car? Space in vehicles is usually limited and a full bathroom with all the trimmings might even be a bit too much to ask for. However, packing a compact emergency toilet can contribute enormously to travel comfort. With an emergency toilet from TROBOLO, you have an odourless, self-sufficient companion at your side. You can therefore safely do without the use of dodgy toilets at motorway service stations.

Always by your side

No matter how remote the location, with an emergency toilet in your arsenal, you’ll be ready for anything and won’t have to do your business out in the open. This would pollute the environment, as human faeces and urine can contain bacteria and viruses that can contaminate the soil. If planted fruit or vegetables come into contact with the excreta, this is a particular concern. With a portable emergency toilet, you can effectively prevent nature from being polluted with excreta.

Also for Tiny House and the like

The concept of Tiny Houses is gaining more and more popularity, as living space cannot keep up with the growth of the population. Connection possibilities for a toilet system are not always available, so a connection-free emergency toilet is an interesting alternative. In addition, emergency toilets turn out to be quite compact, which is ideal for the limited space in the Tiny House. Those who convert a van, bus or van into a mobile Tiny House are also well served by a connection-free, spill-proof and odour-free composting toilet.

Energy crisis  

Since 2022, Europe has been in an energy crisis. Prices for gas, electricity and coal have increased by about 40% compared to the previous year. Many people have to cut back to pay the bills. In winter, the crisis and its financial impact hit us particularly hard when we have to heat our homes. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce our costs as much as possible. An emergency toilet can help reduce costs as it does not require water, electricity or chemicals to operate.

How do emergency toilets work?

The use of an emergency toilet such as the TROBOLO WandaGO or TROBOLO BilaBox is comfortable, hygienic and simple. Inside the emergency toilet, an integrated urine diverter ensures that solid and liquid excreta are collected neatly separated from each other in different containers. This suppresses the development of odours and at the same time makes it very easy to remove and empty the containers. In addition, you need neither water, electricity nor chemicals for use. So you are absolutely independent and can use your emergency toilet even if there is no functioning sewage system far and wide, let alone sanitary facilities.

Ideally, you should get yourself an emergency toilet before you get into a sanitary emergency situation. That way, you’ll avoid extra stress and be prepared for anything.

Here are the best emergency toilets from TROBOLO.

Mobile composting toilet TROBOLO BilaBox in a compact black eurobox format, front view


Practical and ultra-light, mobile composting toilet in a compact Eurobox format.

£ 149,00
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days



Extra light and compact composting toilet with clever height adjustment.

£ 229,00
incl. VAT / incl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days

TROBOLO WandaGO Lite – Minimalist and space-saving composting toilet for on the go


Ultra-light, compact and flexible composting toilet for on the go.

£ 199,00
incl. VAT / incl. shipping
⬤  Ready to ship
3 - 5 days

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