Electric exhaust system incl. exhaust pipe set

Item number: SVBSAXX1391

With the TROBOLO electric exhaust system incl. exhaust pipe set, you can discharge moisture and residual odours efficiently from your composting toilet to the outside. This is particularly recommended if you use your composting toilet very frequently.

  • Power-saving electric exhaust system with mains plug and USB connection for flexible connection options (12V, 24V or 230V)
  • Efficiently removes moisture and residual odours from your composting toilet to the outside
  • Can easily be integrated into our new TROBOLO LuweBlœm and TROBOLO TeraBlœm
  • Can also be integrated into self-built composting toilets
  • Including 2m exhaust pipe (DN 50), which is ideal for discharging to the rear part of the composting toilet
  • Casing made of coated alder plywood (100% FSC-certified)

Included in delivery: Electrical exhaust system, 4x 50cm pipes in DN50, 1x 25cm pipe in DN50, 1x 90° bend in DN50, 2x pipe clamps + dowels, 1x weather hat, insect screen, 2 Allen screws incl. key, 1.5m cable with USB connection, power plug, assembly instructions

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