TROBOLO WandaGO composting toilet in front of a van
Your toilet for on the go

Our TROBOLO WandaGO is the ideal composting toilet for your camping trips and your van lifestyle. Ultralight and extremely compact, it fits anywhere in your car, van or camper and works without water or chemicals.

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Lights out, spot on

In this video, we present all the advantages of the TROBOLO WandaGO in a quick and concise way. And what is the duck all about? Find out!

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Impressions from everyday life

Composting toilet TROBOLO WandaGO standing in the camper TROBOLO WandaGO composting toilet folded and placed in the camper cabinet Composting toilet TROBOLO WandaGO standing in the camper next to black backpack
A perfect fit
For any car, van and camper

We designed the TROBOLO WandaGO to fit easily into any type of vehicle. Do you drive a VW California, Mercedes Marco Polo or Ford Nugget? In these models, you can stow our mobile composting toilet neatly in the designated toilet compartment.

Woman camping in the mountains with TROBOLO WandaGO as composting toilet
Wherever you are

Your TROBOLO WandaGO accompanies you on all your outdoor activities and defies any weather. It is made for use in nature and contains no electrical components. Neither electricity, water nor chemicals are needed to use this smart type of composting toilet.

Compact and flexible in height

When closed, the TROBOLO WandaGO measures just 31 x 38 x 34 cm (HxDxW) and therefore takes up minimal storage space in your vehicle. Thanks to its clever stacking function, this separation toilet has a regular toilet height of 49 cm when in use. Shorter toilet guests can also use it at the initial height of 31 cm.

The function of the toilet lid is also clever: with an integrated toilet paper dispenser and click-in mechanism for the separating insert to remove the collection containers in no time at all.

Off towards freedom

Nothing stands between you and your independence. With your TROBOLO WandaGO, you are not dependent on public toilets or special disposal stations for chemical toilets. Use your mobile portable toilet wherever you need it and stow it away safely in your vehicle in no time at all. Going to the toilet on the road has never been easier.

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The new TROBOLO SafeShell System®

With our new and unique TROBOLO SafeShell System®, the liquids container of your TROBOLO WandaGO is protected at all times against unwanted spillage and escaping odours. Built into the lid of the container and firmly connected to the separator insert, each part interlocks perfectly. Better safe than sorry.

TROBOLO WandaGO - Compact and ultra-lightweight composting toilet for camping and vanlife.


Recommended area of use
Camper & Vans, Camping & Tenting
Suitable for
indoors & outdoors
Dimensions in cm (HxDxW)
Capacity of liquids container
4.6 L / 10-20 Uses
Capacity of solids container
6,5 L / 8-12 Uses
Odourless due to
Litter & TROBOLO SafeShell System®

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£ 239,00   
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