What is a TROBOLO®?

A TROBOLO® is a urine-diverting toilet that functions completely without any water and hence does not require a connection to the sewage system. This makes a TROBOLO® perfect for usage locations where there is no access to either.

Waterless sanitary engineering by TROBOLO®

Our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets are of the highest quality and have been specially developed to create a natural toilet alternative which is free of chemicals and can be used in any location that doesn’t offer water or a sewer connection while not compromising on the hygiene and comfort that you are used to from a conventional toilet.

In order to meet these requirements and further, special requirement arising from, for example, the desired location for the urine-diverting toilet, you can choose from a number of models in our range: While our TROBOLO® KersaBœm is designed for outdoor usage, we also have our TROBOLO® LeliBlœm and TROBOLO® LuweBlœm models which are available for indoor usage or even for the use in mobile homes and caravans. Every TROBOLO® is designed with the TROBOLO® separation system. The separation system uses a separator to separate the urine from the faeces inside our urine-diverting toilets which leads to the separation of the waste into the two special collection containers. This does not require any additional effort from you or a decrease in comfort during usage as the body only physically touches the toilet seat and not the separation system itself.

Once the respective container is full, you can easily remove and empty it yourself. In order to do this, you are neither dependent on external service providers, as can be the case with chemical toilets, for example, nor do you have to come into contact with the toilet waste itself as our containers are both air- and liquid-tight once sealed, Hence, they can be transported securely. What’s more, the solids container is equipped with an inlay which is inserted like a bag and is subsequently removed together with the toilet waste. The disposal of the toilet waste can thus be done easily in a few simple steps. The solids container is also additionally protected from soiling by the inlay which makes cleaning unnecessary.

Thanks to the TROBOLO® system, you can also avoid using (toilet) chemicals entirely when using a TROBOLO®. This not only protects the environment and your wallet, but it also allows for easy and hassle-free disposal. Even unpleasant odours are prevented due to the separation of the excretions, our exhaust systems and the non-use of chemicals. You can find detailed information about the individual topics in our articles under ‘Good to know’.

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