TROBOLO® separation toilets for day-care centres and schools

Lay the foundation stone for a sustainable future together with TROBOLO®.

Why we are particularly proud of the use of our separation toilets in schools and day-care centres, what advantages and different locations a TROBOLO® separation toilet offers and which establishments already put their trust in TROBOLO® – you can find out more on this page.

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Sustainable & self-sufficient - The toilet alternative for day care centres and schools

Our TROBOLO® separation toilets have the most versatile places of use. But we are particularly proud of the use of our separation toilets in day-care centres.

Because TROBOLO® separation toilets are the ideal toilet solution for schools, kindergartens or day-care centres, and not only because of their self-sufficiency and environmental friendliness. Rather, by using a separating toilet, the little ones grow up with an awareness of environmental protection and sustainability from the very beginning and learn that there are wonderful and resource-saving alternatives to the conventional water closet, which are just as comfortable and hygienic.

It does not matter whether it is an establishment with sanitary facilities or a forest kindergarten completely in nature – with TROBOLO® you will find the right separating toilet for every location.

TROBOLO® separation toilets in use

These schools and day-care centres are already enthusiastically using our TROBOLO® separation toilet.

TROBOLO® KersaBœm as toilet for the forest kindergarten Wurzelkinder Konstanz

“Waldkindergarten Wurzelkinder” is a public kindergarten run by a private association. […] As we do not have a suitable water connection, we went in search of a sustainable, easy to operate solution – and quickly found it with TROBOLO®.

The advice we received was very courteous and delivery was fast and trouble-free. Thanks to the ingenious modular system, assembly was quick and already became an event for our little helpers, as everyone wanted to try it out immediately. The shapely, well thought-out construction integrates very nicely into our natural environment and shows a high practical suitability in operation, even for users with different body sizes. Thanks to the transparent roof, the interior is always sufficiently bright, and even with the door closed, some reference to the surrounding green remains. We are completely satisfied and can give a clear recommendation for KersaBœm”.

TROBOLO® KersaBœm as a forest toilet for the Wolfertschwenden day care centre

“The forest toilets of the company TROBOLO correspond to our concept of forest children’s education and complement everyday life perfectly. Should there be a bigger business or a child feel more comfortable in four walls, this is the perfect “quiet little place”.

Delivery was problem-free, construction was simple, the equipment is well thought out and the operation is feasible for everyone. The perfect solution for our needs.

Should we have a need again, TROBOLO will definitely be our first port of call!”

The team of the day care center Wolfertschwenden

The TROBOLO® KersaBœm at DRK Waldkindergarten Lüntorf

“We are enthusiastic about TROBOLO® and it fits perfectly with the environmental idea of our forest kindergarten. The disposal of litter and urine is easy and quick thanks to the compost box. The option to lift and hook the entire upper flap including the toilet seat is also very practical. This facilitates cleaning and makes it easier to remove the containers.

There is no smell in the toilet house. For the toilet seat we simply try another attachment and provide a footrest for the children to climb on.

We would choose this model again and again.”

KinderAKTIVGarten – Family Rudig in Innsbruck

“We – children, caretakers and parents – are delighted with our “garden toilet”. The great thing is, there is no smell and no pollution! No annoying dashes into the house, easy to keep clean, simply GREAT! Our Trobolo toilet is used every day with pleasure and often. It is simply PERFECT for us! Thanks to Trobolo say 36 children and caretakers of the KinderAKTIVgarten in Innsbruck.”

A TROBOLO® KersaBœm for the forest kindergarten in Großkarolinenfeld

“The municipality of Großkarolinenfeld has decided to use a dry toilet from TROBOLO® for their forest kindergarten. The toilet combines ecology and sustainability. Our employees were very satisfied with the workmanship and the very easy to assemble system. All in all a good solution for our purposes”.

The TROBOLO® KersaBœm as toilet solution for the “outdoor classroom” of the Freie Waldorfschule Rottweil

“The Freie Waldorfschule Rottweil is the first school in Germany with an attached hydroelectric power station. We at the Förderverein der Freien Waldorfschule Rottweil e. V. coordinate an “open-air classroom” on the power station site on the Neckar island. […] To ensure that the site can be used safely and effectively, we have provided the right infrastructure and equipment for the outdoor classroom in recent years – but a toilet solution had not yet been found. We came across Trobolo and found the ideal solution with the KersaBoem complete package, which works perfectly without electricity and water.

The kit was easy and quick to assemble and set up. The first students* who were allowed to use the toilet were initially a little afraid of contact, but that quickly subsided. It should be emphasized that there are no unpleasant smells in the separation toilet – it smells pleasantly of wood. It is easy and uncomplicated to use, as is emptying the containers and composting. A well-rounded concept!

Thanks to Trobolo, no one now has to “sit in the nettles” in our “outdoor classroom”.”

Selected references

Skischule Ostrachtal
BZN Niedernhall 3
Wurzelkinder Konstanz
Wald Kindergarten Buxtehude

For every location the right TROBOLO®


Separating toilets for day-care centres - much more than a simple toilet solution

In addition to the general advantages of a separating toilet, our TROBOLO® offers fantastic features, especially for kindergarten or after-school care, which we would like to introduce to you below.

Self-sufficient separating toilets for kindergarten and after-school care

One of the biggest advantages of a separating toilet is without doubt its self-sufficiency and the resulting flexibility with regard to the place of use. Because our TROBOLO® functions completely without water or chemicals and, depending on the model selected, also entirely without electricity. This means that you can install a TROBOLO® in places where children spend a lot of time, but where a conventional toilet would not be suitable due to the lack of connections.

For example, the TROBOLO® KersaBœm – our separating toilet for outdoor use – can be set up outside in day-care centres that have indoor sanitary facilities but have an outdoor area where children often spend time, so that children do not have to run inside every time they play outside.

For forest kindergartens, where the installation of a toilet is generally ruled out, the TROBOLO® KersaBœm for the first time allows the comfort of having a normal toilet, because all TROBOLO® separation toilets function like a conventional toilet. Bodily contact only takes place with the toilet seat, which is sealed by an antibacterial protective coating. Thus, caregivers and children enjoy a hygienic toilet solution in the middle of nature without having to forego the usual comforts of a water closet.

Thanks to the sophisticated TROBOLO® separation system and the use of natural litter, the use of our separation toilets is completely odourless. You will find further information on the following pages:

Cleaning of our separation toilets also works as usual with a little detergent and a damp cloth. The emptying and disposal of the waste is completely contact-free and simple. You can find further information here:

Kindersitz für Trenntoilette

To ensure that even the youngest children can use our TROBOLO® without any problems, a separate child seat can simply be placed on the toilet seat. Thanks to its precise fit, it sits securely and firmly.

TROBOLO® separation toilets have an educational value

In addition to the practicability of our self-sufficient separation toilets, the learning effect they have for children should not be underestimated.

In order to present the versatility and relevance of the learning effect through the use of our isolation toilets in a clear and yet holistic manner, we have listed the individual factors below and explained them briefly:


Conscious use of resources

Since a TROBOLO® functions completely without water, children are made aware of the value of water and its scarcity.

They learn how to use resources consciously and learn about an equally comfortable and hygienic alternative to the conventional water closet or chemical toilets.


Understanding of water and nutrient cycles

The disposal of excrements and water treatment in a toilet happen behind the scenes once the flush button is pressed, but unfortunately there is often a lack of awareness of what happens to it afterwards and what level of water consumption and effort is actually needed.

Moreover, excretions are a natural product that should be returned to the natural cycle. Separation toilets allow this resource to be treated by means of composting in an environmentally friendly way and thus teach a holistic understanding of the water and nutrient cycle.


Sustainable, natural building material

Each TROBOLO® is handmade with great attention to detail from solid wood and highly durable alder multi-ply wood. We only use FSC-certified wood from sustainable and controlled cultivation, which is treated with natural oil.

The toilet seat is additionally sealed with an antibacterial protective lacquer, so that the children have a hygienic, completely chemical-free and sustainable toilet variant at their disposal, which blends naturally into the environment due to its wood look.

A TROBOLO® separating toilet is therefore much more than just a practical and comfortable toilet solution for kindergarten or after-school care. Correctly explained, it also offers an exciting opportunity to get to know the cycles of nature and a conscious use of the resources of our earth together with the little ones.

By using a separating toilet in your day care centres we lay the foundation for a sustainable future together.

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No chemicals

Due to the TROBOLO® separation system, there is no need for chemicals. The human excretions therefore don’t become hazardous waste which would require a costly disposal that is also damaging to the environment.


Odours are effectively prevented and reduced to a minimum by separating the urine from solid excrements. The separation is made possible by an integrated separator made of durable plastic.

Hygienic usage

Using a TROBOLO® is just like using a regular toilet. The separation system functions without any contact so that the body only comes into contact with the toilet seat. Since the excretions only touch plastic surfaces, the cleaning is also hygienic.

Easy cleaning

The excretions only come into contact with the plastic surfaces which means that the cleaning is hygienic and easy. The wooden surfaces are proofed with a natural oil and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, just like the toilet seat which is sealed by an antibacterial protective coating.

Easy emptying

Thanks to the TROBOLO® separation system, the two separate containers located inside can be removed in a few easy steps without you having to come into contact with the excretions, making the emptying easy and hygienic.

Easy disposal

The TROBOLO® separation system allows for a decentralised disposal of toilet waste on your own property. Alternatively, the toilet waste can be disposed of via your household waste, as you would do with used nappies, and you can empty the liquids container via a toilet that is connected to the sewage system.
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