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TROBOLO® is FSC®-certified and only uses wood sourced from 100% sustainable forestry.
tüv-144x144 The sustainability of the raw materials we use is certified by PEFC and TÜV.

Composting toilet insert (white) & toilet seat

Item number: STWXX1376

With this set you lay the foundation for your self-built composting toilet. It contains the (white) TROBOLO® Urine-Diverting Toilets insert, which enables separation of solid and liquid waste. Package contents also include our TROBOLO® toilet seat with lid, which is handmade from high-quality materials and impresses with its modern design.

  • The perfect combination of composting toilet insert and toilet seat for the DIY construction of your composting toilet
  • The TROBOLO® Urine-Diverting Toilet Insert allows easy disposal of all toilet waste
  • Extra long service life due to particularly solid design and exchangeable individual parts thanks to the adapter system
  • Dimensions of composting toilets insert in mm: Height 170 | depth 375 | width 322
  • Material of toilet insert: polypropylene, 100% recyclable
  • Handmade TROBOLO® toilet seat with lid and hygienic multiple lacquer finish
  • Material toilet seat with lid: Robust 12mm alder multi-layer plate (FSC® certified)
  • High quality stainless steel hinges
  • Dimensions toilet seat with cover in mm: height 55 | depth 404 | width 330

Included in delivery: Separator insert, cutting template, filter screen and hose connection with integrated filter screen for DN32, toilet seat with cover, assembly instructions, instructions for care & maintenance


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The TROBOLO® Separator: The heart of your separating toilet

A separating insert is the heart of every composting toilet, because it ensures separation of solid and liquid waste. Years of experience and testing have enabled us to develop a separator that is designed not only to achieve complete separation of urine and faeces (excrement), but also to offer the highest level of comfort, flexibility and hygiene beyond its separation mechanism.

Using a composting toilet with the TROBOLO® separator works just like a conventional toilet. Inside the toilet, however, urine and faeces are separated. The urine is collected in the front area and is discharged into a separate liquids container, an external container outside the toilet or separately into the sewerage system via a pipe. Faeces, on the other hand, go into a solids container in the rear part of the separator. The separator is designed to meet the different anatomical requirements of all toilet users, while always ensuring clean and reliable separation of faeces.

The TROBOLO® Insert for Urine-Diverting Toilets is particularly suitable for building your own composting toilet and allows you to implement your individual wishes and needs. Especially practical is the fact that the separator can be used with any standard toilet seat, which greatly simplifies the planning of your self-built separating toilet and the associated procurement of materials. In addition, the innovative TROBOLO® adapter system offers you the possibility of attaching a hose which can drain urine externally and can be connected to the grey water tank of your motorhome, for example. The hose can easily be attached to the new adapter system with integrated filter screen, which makes installation particularly easy and also allows you to remove the hose if necessary to clean or replace the filter screen. All TROBOLO® composting toilets, which you can purchase as a complete solution in our online shop, also use this separating insert. This means that it can also be purchased as a spare part if you already own a TROBOLO® composting toilet.

Faeces pass completely contact-free through the rear part of the TROBOLO® separator into the solids container equipped with inlays, making subsequent emptying very easy. The inlays can be removed and disposed of or composted in no time at all. The deep-drawn collar of the rear opening of the separator also reliably protects the interior of the toilet from contamination. In addition to the smooth and closed surfaces, a high-quality surface seal guarantees a long service life as well as practical and hygienic cleaning. Ideally, we recommend an environmentally friendly cleaner for this purpose.

Your advantages of using a separating toilet insert

Conventional water closets, but also chemical toilets or classic composting toilets all do without the separation of urine and faeces. However, this proves to be problematic when it comes to disposal of waste. Emptying containers that mix solids and liquids is a considerable challenge for you as a user and by no means as uncomplicated and clean as emptying separate solids and liquid containers.

The separation of urine and faeces also consistently avoids unpleasant odours and water can be dispensed with completely when using the toilet. Due to the simple and uncomplicated disposal via household waste or through composting of the faeces, the use of a separating toilet is completely self-sufficient. You can read here how our TROBOLO® composting toilets work in detail and what the individual advantages are: Function of the TROBOLO® Separating Toilet System


Do it yourself – with our set of composting toilet insert & toilet seat

With this set by TROBOLO® you can build your own fully functional composting toilet according to your own individual ideas thanks to the toilet insert and matching toilet seat supplied.

Our newly developed Urine-Diverting Toilet Insert enables perfect separation of solids and liquids and is made of responsibly selected, recyclable polypropylene. The selection of this material enables the separator to have a very long service life, which was an important concern for us during development under the aspect of sustainability. Only the filter screen is subject to significant wear over time due to deposits. Compared to products from other manufacturers, this individual part can be replaced in seconds thanks to the TROBOLO® Adapter System, while the rest of the insert remains unaffected by wear and can continue to be used.

Our adapter system also allows for flexible connection options, so that in addition to collecting urine in a liquids container, it can also be discharged via a DN32 hose. Regardless of which connection option you choose, the integrated seal always ensures an absolutely secure connection to the separator.

Our high-quality toilet seat features a modern design and is handmade from FSC®-certified 12mm alder multi-layer plate. Due to the multiple lacquering, the surfaces are sealed and thus allow easy and hygienic cleaning.

TROBOLO® Separating insert – instructions for care & maintenance

Assembly Instructions TROBOLO® Separator

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