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TROBOLO is FSC®-certified and only uses wood sourced from 100% sustainable forestry.
tüv-144x144 The sustainability of the raw materials we use is certified by PEFC and TÜV.


Item number: K1XX1372

Mobile composting toilet with litter for use in minivans, mobile homes and everywhere on the go:

  • Extremely compact therefore especially suitable for minivans and motorhomes
  • Low weight and convenient carrying handles
  • Immediately ready for operation, no assembly required
  • Safe mobile use thanks to integrated spill stop technology
  • Low odour due to litter and separation system
  • Easy and hygienic emptying
  • Self-sufficient without water and chemicals
  • Requires neither power nor other connections
  • Ideally suited for indoor use


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 4 - 10 days

Dimensions & weight

Floor space in mm:

Depth 465 | Width 310

Dimensions when closed in mm:

Height 475 | Depth 465 | Width 310

Seat height in mm: 


Tested load-bearing capacity:

180 kg


The weight of the TROBOLO IndiBlœm is 9.5 kg.


Maximum number of usages through defecating:

15-20 usages

Recommended intervals between emptying for the solids container:

5-10 days

Volume of the container for solids:

11 litres

Maximum number of usages through urinating:

30-50 usages

Recommended intervals between emptying for the liquids container:

3-4 days

Volume of the container for liquids:

10 litres

Scope of delivery
1x TROBOLO IndiBlœm
1x solids container, 11 litres
1x liquids container
1x TROBOLO Spill Stop
1x starter set for initial operation (3 litres of litter + 10 compostable inlays)
1x sticker ‘instruction manual’

The TROBOLO IndiBloem is made of FSC®-certified 12 mm thick alder plywood and therefore benefits from particularly high quality and durability. The water-repellent surfaces are proofed with a natural wood oil which makes further treatment unnecessary. The separation system consists of resistant plastic and its surface has been sealed.

Shipping & set-up

Your TROBOLO IndiBlœm is delivered to you by parcel service, and arrives already assembled and ready for immediate use. You are completely flexible in choosing the place of installation of your TROBOLO IndiBlœm. It should only be installed dry and at ground level. Thanks to the integrated TROBOLO Spill Stop, it always remains ready for use on the road without having to take additional precautions and is spill-proof at all times.

The TROBOLO IndiBlœm takes its place as the most compact, mobile composting toilet without external discharge within the TROBOLO family. It is very suitable for regular use in minivans, motorhomes and also on sailing and inland waterway boats and is especially characterised by its practical carrying handles and its low weight.

Composting toilet TROBOLO IndiBlœm by the lake
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This is how our customers rate us at Trusted Shops

What an outstanding concept that these guys came up with. I agree with the other commentors. I also wasn't sure if this was the right thing for me but now me and my man are totally convinced. The toilet seat is very comfortable and there isn't much almost any odour at all (we've got the trobolo without exhaust system) and the customer service is friendly. I recommend the Trobolo to anyone as it is much better than any other composting toilet and a chemical toilet would be much worse.
Jobst Mahrenholz
A toilet that is completely odorless, doesn't require any water and instead of dubious substances, produces compost and fertiliser: that's the Trobolo toilet. I actually prefer this type of toilet to the toilet I have at home. The reason for this is that it really doesn't let any smells get out. A pleasant experience, if one person wants to use the toilet shortly after another. Additionally you can give something back to nature instead of harming it. I think it's genius.
Annika Haas
To be honest, we were sceptical that this would work as described. But what can I say, it's even better than we hoped. We chose the model with exhaust system and there is no smell at all, zero. It's weird that this hasn't been invented before, this would have allowed us avoid years of buying expensive chemicals. By the way we already threw all of our chemicals out by now... So, thanks for the great idea!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find short and clear answers to questions we are frequently asked.

If you have any other questions or would like detailed advice on your individual situation, please feel free to call us at 0511/51510816 or send us an e-mail at contact@trobolo.com.

  • How do I use a TROBOLO?

    Using a TROBOLO differs little from using a conventional toilet. The sitting position is identical to that of a regular toilet – this applies to both men and women. Thanks to the contact-free separation system the body only touches the toilet seat. Merely urinating while standing should be avoided as the urine cannot be fully separated in this case.


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  • Are odours generated during usage?

    Since unpleasant odours only develop when faeces come into contact with urine, the TROBOLO separation system prevents a mixing of the excretions. Remaining odours and any arising moisture are also absorbed by litter which is not required in a TROBOLO with an electric exhaust system.


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  • How do I empty my TROBOLO?

    All TROBOLO models can be conveniently opened from above to remove the two separate containers located inside. After opening the TROBOLO, the inside containers are sealed tightly with the help of the closures through a simple pressing or screw mechanism, which renders them air- and liquid-tight. The final step is to remove the containers which can then be transported to the emptying location.


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  • What is the function of the separation system?

    By separating the excretions, odours are reduced to a minimum and the subsequent disposal of toilet waste is made easier. Unpleasant odours arise only when urine and faeces are combined which is why it is possible to do without toilet chemicals that are harmful to the environment.


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