STG_U6C_BFS_IM STW_U6C_BFS_IM Composting_toilets_insert_(grey)_&_toilet_seat_26 Toilet_seat_with_lid_1 Toilet_seat_with_lid_3 Solids_Container_11_Litres_1 Adaptor_system_hose_incl._filter_sieve_2 t2_26 Compostable_Inlays_1 Composting_toilets_insert_(grey)_&_toilet_seat_5 Composting_toilets_insert_(grey)_&_toilet_seat_4
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DIY Set complete with urine drainage

Item number: BS4XX1407

Our DIY set complete with urine drainage including toilet seat with lid, separating toilet insert in grey or white, solid waste container (11l or 22l), hose for external urine drainage and a roll of compostable inlays.

  • DIY set complete with urine drainage for building your own composting toilet
  • Allows easy disposal of toilet waste
  • High-quality toilet seat with lid
  • Separation insert with adapter system and hose for external urine drainage
  • With solids container for solid excreta
  • Air- and liquid-tight closable solids container
  • Easy transport of the container thanks to carrying handle
  • Compostable inlays made of cornstarch
  • All components easy to clean
  • Material separating insert: polypropylene, 100% recyclable


Size solids container
Solids container (11l)
Filling capacity 11 litres
Solids container (22l)
Filling capacity 22 litres
Colour separating insert

incl. VAT / incl. shipping
(4 – 10 days)


Dimensions & weight

Dimension toilet seat with lid in mm:

Height 55 | Depth 404 | Width 330


Dimensions composting toilet insert in mm:

Height 170 | Depth 375 | Width 322


Inner diameter composting toilet insert in mm:

Longitudinal 310 | Transverse 240

Dimensions solids container (11l) in mm:

Ø Top 270 | Ø Bottom 228 | Height 263.2


Dimensions solids container (22l) in mm:

Ø Top 319 | Ø Bottom 285 | Height 316

Scope of delivery
1x separator
1x cutting template
1x adaptor system hose incl. filter sieve
1x solids container (11l or 22l)
1x compostable inlays
Would you like to build your own composting toilet?

Here you will find useful tips on how to build your own composting toilet, including detailed instructions.

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