TROBOLO® products

TROBOLO® stands for high-quality products made by hand and a sustainable business concept. With this in mind, we don’t just make sure to create an appealing design but also to develop a product concept that is both simple and well thought out.

Urine-diverting toilets

Accessories for urine-diverting toilets

Which urine-diverting toilet is the right one for me?

Each of our TROBOLO® models offers maximum autonomy thanks to the separation system and waterless functionality and still meets the highest standards with regard to hygiene and comfort. What’s more, our dry toilets have been specifically designed with the goal of providing you with an eco- friendly sanitary solution that does not depend on a specific location. Thanks to their robust and high-quality design, they withstand even the roughest weather conditions and at the same time do not require any tools for the set-up.

If you’re looking for an indoor solution, then we can offer you two different urine-diverting toilets, our TROBOLO® LuweBlœm and TROBOLO® LeliBlœm models. TROBOLO® LuweBlœm minimises odours thanks to the litter and the separation system. As this urine-diverting toilet requires neither electricity nor water, it also doesn’t need any connections to electrical sockets or to the sewage system. This also means that you do not need to plan for any minimum distance next to the lateral sides of the model when setting up the TROBOLO® LuweBlœm as you can simply remove the containers from above. Our TROBOLO® LuweBlœm thereby offers you the greatest flexibility when choosing the right location which also makes this model ideal for any indoor use.

In addition to the advantages of the TROBOLO® LuweBlœm mentioned above, the TROBOLO® LeliBlœm also has an electric exhaust system which eliminates the development of odour reliably and completely and makes the use of litter unnecessary. In order to set it up, you only need a power connection and an exterior outlet. Thanks to the exhaust system, the intervals between emptying are particularly long in the case of the TROBOLO® LeliBlœm which is why this dry toilet ensures the highest level of comfort with efficient functionality and is therefore recommended for regular usage.

Building your own urine-diverting toilet

Those who enjoy DIY and prefer the independent assembly of their TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilet will find the right model for themselves in the TROBOLO® TeraBlœm. The urine-diverting toilet will be delivered as a simple assembly kit that can be set up and put into operation within a short amount of time thanks to the enclosed instructions. The TROBOLO® TeraBlœm will not only convince you with the usual TROBOLO® quality, but particularly with the costs. Thanks to its low weight and the delivery in prefabricated parts, it can also be transported easily and set up right at the location where you plan to use it.

If you need a urine-diverting toilet for outdoor usage, our TROBOLO® KersaBœm is the ideal choice. As in the case of the TROBOLO® TeraBlœm, we deliver this urine-diverting toilet to your home in prefabricated parts. Passionate craftspeople will enjoy the subsequent assembly, but inexperienced handicraft enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth as the set-up is easy and straightforward.

The TROBOLO® KersaBœm can be set up in a few simple steps without any extra tools, plus, without requiring any additional foundation. Thanks to the use of litter, the development of odours is efficiently prevented. Through the natural exhaust system, which makes use of the chimney effect, residual odours are effectively directed outwards. The installation of a powerful LED lamp will also enable comfortable usage in the dark. Your TROBOLO® KersaBœm is therefore perfectly equipped for all outdoor areas and ensures pleasant usage at any time of the day.

Which accessories do I need for my urine-diverting toilet?

Our product range includes numerous accessories which not only ensure the basic functionality of our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets but also offer additional useful features. One of these crucial accessories is the litter made of pine and alder wood which you need for the use of all the TROBOLO® models without electric exhaust system. It absorbs remaining odours and moisture, spreads a pleasant, natural smell of wood and thus makes the usage of your TROBOLO® an enjoyable experience. The generous scope of delivery of 90 litres will provide you with enough litter to last for 300-400 usages.

Inlays made of recycled plastic or compostable corn starch are also part of the basic equipment of your TROBOLO®. They fit the TROBOLO® solids container and effectively protect it from soiling. Once removed, they can be disposed of via the household waste or, if desired, via the compost. Inlays made of plastic are particularly useful if you prefer longer intervals between emptying thanks to their tear-resistant nature. The inlays made of corn starch only have limited durability due to being decomposable, but they also have the benefit of being compostable.

Should you decide to recycle your toilet waste to turn your very own compost into valuable fertiliser, we can provide you with the right equipment in the shape of our robust TROBOLO® composter. Thanks to the extremely weather-resistant material and the substantial capacity of 600 litres, it offers optimal conditions for storing the compost materials for long periods and for eventually receiving mature compost soil.

To maintain your TROBOLO® and particularly for the initial treatment of the TROBOLO® TeraBlœm, we also recommend the natural oil set for the impregnation of surfaces. It protects the wooden surfaces of the TROBOLO® dry toilets from moisture and ensures easy and gentle cleaning thereof. Finally, the installation of a practical LED lamp guarantees comfortable usage of the TROBOLO® models for exterior areas in the dark. The lamp can either be used manually or, if needed, it can also be triggered automatically thanks to a motion detector.