The WandaGO Lite composting toilet stands next to a backpacker overlooking the mountains.

The mini composting toilet TROBOLO WandaGO Lite

With the TROBOLO WandaGO Lite, you reduce your composting toilet to a minimum. But you don’t have to lower your standards. The Lite version of our TROBOLO WandaGO is ideal for camping and caravanning. You can’t do less and you don’t need more. Let’s GO Lite!

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The TROBOLO WandaGO Lite mini composting toilet with liquid container and solid container.

One time without everything please

Less is sometimes more. Especially when it comes to camping and vanlife. If you’re looking for a simple composting toilet that keeps you mobile and independent, the TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is the toilet for you.

The TROBOLO WandaGO Lite mini composting toilet in the closet

Small but powerful

With dimensions of 30 x 38 x 34 cm (H x D x W) and a weight of only 3.3 kg, the TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is easy to transport and stow away. The perfect composting toilet to take with you on your next camping trip.

Composting toilet TROBOLO WandaGO Lite outside in nature in front of a tent and lake

Available always and everywhere

The TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is a weatherproof companion for all outdoor activities. No water, electricity or chemicals are required. So your composting toilet is always ready for use and you are always and everywhere independent.

Composting toilet TROBOLO WandaGO Lite outside in forest near car
This fits everywhere

For camper, van and car

The TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is designed to fit any vehicle.

If you drive a VW California, Mercedes Marco Polo or Ford Nugget, your new composting toilet will even fit in the toilet compartment. You can’t get more mobile than that!

Safety first

With TROBOLO SafeShell system®

Safety comes first! Our unique TROBOLO SafeShell System® protects the liquids container of your composting toilet from unwanted spills and odours at all times. Integrated into the container lid and firmly connected to the separating insert, all parts interlock perfectly.

Composting toilet TROBOLO WandaGO Lite Camper outside in the forest

Autonomy instead of disposal stations

The solids and liquid containers can be removed separately and hygienically from above in just a few easy steps.

Solid waste can be disposed of with household waste or in a composter. Liquid waste can be flushed down a normal toilet or mixed with water and used as a natural fertiliser.

The entire process is self-contained, ensuring total independence.

TROBOLO WandaGO Lite toiletpaper and dispenser
Anything is possible, nothing is mandatory

Toilet paper dispenser available as an accessory

The TROBOLO WandaGO Lite is compatible with our toilet paper dispenser, which can be stored in the toilet lid with a click mechanism. When using the toilet, the dispenser can be removed with a flick of the wrist and positioned for optimum access to the toilet paper. The toilet roll dispenser also has space for a roll of inlays, so they are always at hand.

The WandaGO Lite composting toilet camping toilets FAQ


Recommended area of use
Camper & Vans, Camping & Tenting
Suitable for
indoors & outdoors
Dimensions in cm (HxDxW)
Capacity of liquids container
4.6 L / 10-20 Uses
Capacity of solids container
6,5 L / 8-12 Uses
Odourless due to
Litter & TROBOLO SafeShell System®


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TROBOLO WandaGO Lite – Minimalist and space-saving composting toilet for on the go
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