Composting toilet TROBOLO KersaBoem outside on the grass, front view
The TROBOLO KersaBœm

The TROBOLO KersaBœm is the perfect toilet solution for any outdoor area. This compostsing toilet can be used all year round and offers self-sufficient toilet comfort entirely without the use of water or chemicals.

This is what your outdoor composting toilet can do

Here, Elfie and Patrick show you how to assemble the TROBOLO KersaBœm and what functions the composting toilet offers.

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TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet for outdoor use,  visible hand that fastens the screw TROBOLO KersaBoem composting toilet for outdoor use, a man with child stand front of the toilet Composting toilet TROBOLO KersaBoem set-up
Anybody can do that
Foolproof setup wihtout tools

Everything you need to assemble your TROBOLO KersaBœm is included in your delivery. Special skills or additional tools are not necessary. Anyone can do it!

TROBOLO KersaBœm in parts
Large toilet, compact packaging
Comfortable transport to the installation site

Your TROBOLO KersaBœm arrives packed compactly in individual parts. This means you can easily transport the individual parts to the installation site and set up your composting toilet where it is needed.

TROBOLO KersaBœm dry separation toileta
Comfortable upkeep and maintenance
A clever big flap

Thanks to a practically designed seat that is both foldable and lockable, you can maintain your TROBOLO® KersaBœm particularly quickly and easily. An all-round clean solution.

Inside your TROBOLO KersaBœm you will find an integrated litter compartment as well as additional storage space, so that you can, for example, store a second liquid container for an immediate exchange.

Forest with certifed Wood
For the love of nature
Sustainability and craftsmanship with conviction

We manufacture your TROBOLO KersaBœm by hand from high-quality, FSC-certified solid wood in our own production facility. So you can be sure with a clear conscience that you have chosen a qualitative and sustainable product.


TROBOLO KersaBœm top view outside
A natural exhaust system
For extra fresh air inside your TROBOLO

Your TROBOLO KersaBœm will be absolutely odourless. In addition to the use of litter, this is due to the natural exhaust system, which cleverly makes use of the natural chimney effect to discharge residual odours outside.

TROBOLO composting toilet insert (grey)
Our separating insert
The core of your composting toilet

Our second-generation separator installed as standard in the TROBOLO KersaBœm enables reliable separation of solids and liquids. Made of 100% recyclable material, this core piece of every separation toilet impresses with a clever adapter system with integrated filter screen.

TROBOLO composting toilet view of toilet closure
A smart door lock
Never stand in front of a closed door

With the integrated locking device, your TROBOLO KersaBœm can be locked from the inside and shows everyone outside whether the toilet is currently occupied or vacant. Really practical, isn’t it?

TROBOLO KitaBœm view of disinfectant dispenser
Always stay clean
Space for disinfectant dispenser and more

We have left extra space so that you can attach our disinfectant dispenser, available separately, and so you can still clean your hands hygienically in your TROBOLO.

TROBOLO KersaBœm toilet ceiling view
For a clear view
Our weatherproof daylight roof

The weather-resistant TROBOLO KersaBœm daylight canopy made of transparent polycarbonate lets light in while providing protection from all types of precipitation, including hail and snow.

Boy with wooden TROBOLO toilet seat
For our smallest users
Compatible with our children's seat

To ensure that your TROBOLO KersaBœm can also be used optimally by small children, we offer a separate child seat that can be easily placed on the toilet seat. This can also be cleaned hygienically in no time at all.

TROBOLO KersaBœm & Composter - Prefabricated kit for outdoor use as a complete solution incl. composter.
For even more sustainability
Now available as a set with our composter

If you already know that you would like to compost the solid waste, you can choose our TROBOLO KersaBœm with composter as a set and benefit from a discounted price. This is how sustainability works!

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TROBOLO KersaBœm blue color TROBOLO KersaBœm green color TROBOLO KersaBœm red color TROBOLO KersaBœm yellow color TROBOLO KersaBœm grey color TROBOLO KersaBœm natural color

Paint with protective effect

Show your true colours

To protect your TROBOLO KersaBœm ideally from the weather, we recommend that you apply a protective coat of paint, for example with our separately available 2 liter paint set in blue, green, red, yellow, grey or white.

TROBOLO KitaBœm packed packages ready for shipment
For a safe journey
Practical and sustainable packaging

Our logistics team has really done a great job, so that your TROBOLO KersaBœm reaches you safely in environmentally friendly packaging at the place of your choice. Due to our production in the EU, we also ensure short transport routes.

TROBOLO KersaBoem open composting toilet, front view


Recommended area of use
Garden, Institutions
Suitable for
Dimensions in cm (HxDxW)
Capacity of liquids container
10 L / 30-50 Uses
Capacity of solids container
22 L / 30-40 Uses
Odourless due to
Litter & exhaust system
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incl. VAT / incl. shipping
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