Do It Yourself –TROBOLO® Urine-Diverting Toilets, the DIY Way

In recent years, the DIY culture has found more and more followers and has conquered practically all areas of everyday life. Urine-diverting toilets also belong to the growing group of popular DIY projects.

Carpenter using pencil and measurement tape on wood

More and more people are getting enthusiastic about carrying out handicraft work themselves. This willingness to do things themselves is not necessarily a new trend. Areas such as DIY have always been nourished by the initiative to create something oneself. In recent years a decisive change has taken place which has helped DIY – Do It Yourself – culture to gain new popularity and a change in image. While not so long ago do-it-yourself had something of a stepmotherly quality, in times of rampant consumption the DIY movement embodies a return to the essentials and ascribes a new, genuine value to do-it-yourself. In recent years in particular, DIY culture has seen a significant increase in popularity. This can be seen on the one hand in the fact that more and more people are getting DIY suggestions on Instagram, Pinterest & Co and then publishing the results on their own social media sites. On the other hand, economic figures also speak a clear language. For example, the value of the global DIY market was estimated at 589 billion euros for the year 2017. Reason enough for us to follow this trend and present to you the DIY potential of our TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets.

The urine-diverting toilet insert from TROBOLO® - the heart of every DIY urine-diverting toilet

When you build your own urine-diverting toilet, you can leave a lot to your own creativity and enjoy a great deal of freedom in the choice of materials. Due to the waterless function, you are not dependent on any connections and are absolutely unrestricted in your choice of location. You are only tied down when it comes to the heart of a urine-diverting toilet – the separator. Just as a conventional toilet cannot do without a flushing mechanism, a separator or separating insert which guides the liquid and solid waste into different containers is essential for the proper functioning of a urine-diverting toilet.

TROBOLO® is guided by an uncompromising pursuit of quality in product development and we are always keen to improve and develop our products. This is why we are able to offer a revised TROBOLO® separator insert which stands out in many respects and is perfectly suited for the self-construction of a urine-diverting toilet.



Thanks to the TROBOLO® separator, you do not have to forego any comfort when using your DIY-diverting toilet. The separation of solid and liquid waste and its transfer into separate containers is carried out without any intervention on your part and enables you to use your urine-diverting toilet in exactly the same way as you would use a conventional toilet. Only urinating in a standing position is not recommended due to the separate collection containers. The TROBOLO® separating insert is surface-sealed, made of high-quality polypropylene and therefore 100% recyclable, which is an important consideration for us when selecting the materials. The sealing also guarantees a particularly long service life of the separating insert as well as its quick and uncomplicated cleaning. In addition, our separator is characterised in particular by the use of the innovative TROBOLO® adapter system. This enables the filter screen adapter to be replaced in seconds with an alternative attachment to which you can also attach a hose for drainage. This can then be connected to the grey water tanks of your motorhome. Thanks to the adapter system, the TROBOLO® separating insert is therefore ideally suited to any DIY urine-diverting toilet project – regardless of whether you are planning to build a stationary or mobile urine-diverting toilet. Since we have based our dimensions on standard values, the separator can be used with a standard toilet seat without any problems, which significantly reduces the planning effort for your DIY project “urine-diverting toilet”.

The cornerstone of your DIY urine-diverting toilet - toilet seat and separating insert as a set from TROBOLO®

For all those who also want to rely on the proven TROBOLO® quality when choosing a toilet seat, we have put together a set of toilet seat and separating insert with which you can lay the foundation for your self-built urine-diverting toilet. Toilet seat and lid are made of robust 12mm alder multi-layer plate and are handmade. As with all the wood materials we use, it comes from one of our suppliers, who – like us – are FSC® certified and therefore demonstrably produce sustainably. Two high quality stainless steel hinges serve as a connecting piece between the toilet seat and lid, giving the set special stability.

This makes the TROBOLO® set of toilet seat and separating insert the perfect choice for all those DIY fans among you who have decided to build a self-contained urine-diverting toilet but do not want to miss out on the proven TROBOLO® quality in terms of functionality and workmanship.


Step-by-step instructions for your urine-diverting toilet DIY project

Urine-diverting toilet construction is comparatively simple, as long as you limit yourself to the construction of a frame structure for the separating toilet. While the toilet seat and lid can also be produced in (laborious) self-made work, the use of a professionally manufactured model is actually necessary for the separation insert, as a self-construction would involve considerable losses in the area of hygiene. In the following we would like to give you step-by-step instructions for the construction of the frame of your DIY urine-diverting toilet.

Material und Tools

 For the wooden beam framework:

  • 12 square timbers approx. 40x40mm, e.g. from spruce or pine

For the covering of the framework:

  • 5-6 wooden panels, e.g. made of spruce or pine: 2 per side, one each for the rear and front side or the removal door, one for the bottom (optional) and one for the top pane

For assembly:

  • Brackets and screws
  • Hinges and magnetic catches for door construction
  • Cordless drill
  • Drilling machine
  • Jigsaw
  • Glue
Utensils for the DIY-diverting toilet
  • Insert for urine-diverting toilets
  • Toilet seat
  • Solids container
  • Liquids container

Before you can start building the frame, the squared timbers and wooden boards must be measured and cut exactly to size. The individual dimensions of your DIY urine-diverting toilet are important here, which is why we do not provide any general dimensional specifications at this point. You can take the standard seat height of a conventional toilet, for example, which is approx. 40cm – 50cm. Should these dimensions not be suitable for you, you have the great advantage of being able to determine an individual seat height that is adequate for you when building your DIY urine-diverting toilet. If sawing to size is too complicated for you or if you need precisely fitting cuts (for example for an individualised construction for your motorhome), you can also have the squared timbers and wooden panels cut to size directly at the DIY store.

It is then advisable to pre-drill the appropriate places on the squared timbers and wooden boards. This way you only have to screw them together in the next step and save yourself additional work. Finally, you should measure the cutting insert exactly and mark the section to be cut out in the wooden board provided for this purpose. If you decide to use TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets, there is no need to measure them thanks to the practical template which is part of the package contents. Now you can get started!

Framework Construction

For the framework construction, make a rectangular framework from 12 square timbers. Four squared timbers serve as vertical corners of your urine-diverting toilet, the remaining eight serve as horizontal connecting pieces between them. Now screw two connecting squared timbers each to the upper and lower end of the corner points serving as posts using angles. For maximum stability you can also glue the contact points before screwing them together. In principle, however, the angle construction should guarantee a sufficient degree of stability.

Panelling and removal door

For the external cladding of the frame construction, now screw the wooden panels from the outside to the vertical corner timbers. In this way you obtain the side walls and the rear wall of your DIY urine-diverting toilet. The attachment of a base plate is optional, as the frame construction of the DIY urine-diverting toilet is already very robust even without one. The top plate is only screwed to the rest of the construction in the last step.

o mount the removal door, first attach hinges to one of the corner timbers. Attach the magnetic catches for the closing mechanism to the opposite corner scantling. Then attach the counterparts of the magnetic catches at the corresponding height of the door panel. Finally, screw the end piece of the hinges to the door panel. Please note that the hinges need sufficient clearance when opening.

Assembly of toilet seat and insert

Now all that is missing is the installation of the separating insert into the cover plate. To do this, make the cut-out for the separating insert at the previously marked points using a jigsaw. Then insert the separating insert at this point and screw it to the cover plate. Alternatively, you can also glue the separator insert to the cover plate first.

Next you have to attach the toilet seat. To do this, mount the hinges to the cover plate in the usual way and finally connect it to the toilet seat. If you decide to use a urine-diverting toilet insert & toilet seat from TROBOLO®, you will benefit from the enclosed assembly instructions and template. The latter can be placed directly on the cover plate and serves as a practical template for the cut-out. Thanks to the assembly instructions, the installation of the urine-diverting toilet insert & toilet seat is finally completed in no time at all.

Finally, place the cover plate including the divider insert and toilet seat on the frame construction and screw it firmly to the vertical corner timbers. Your very own personal DIY urine-diverting toilet is now ready!


There are only a few steps left before first use. Place the solids container including inlay in the rear area of your urine-diverting toilet under the separating insert. Place the liquids container directly in front of it under the urine outlet of the separator insert. In order to prevent possible mistakes, you can easily follow our TROBOLO® instructions for use when placing the containers. Your DIY urine-diverting toilet is now ready for use!

For particularly smooth DIY construction we recommend our new, improved TROBOLO® TeraBlœm, which is supplied as a kit. The kit contains all the individual parts required for tool-free assembly of your urine-diverting toilet, so that tedious tasks such as measuring, cutting to size and searching for the right parts in the DIY store are no longer necessary. Furthermore, this TROBOLO® is particularly affordable, as you ultimately take care of the assembly yourself.

Like all TROBOLO® models, the TROBOLO® TeraBlœm also allows for odour-free and self-sufficient toilet use. Features of the new, improved TROBOLO® TeraBlœm include the high-quality toilet seat made of FSC®-certified alder multi-layer board, which ensures a stylish appearance and maximum seating comfort. Another plus is compatibility with our spill stop, which prevents the liquids container from spilling over when used in vehicles while driving.

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