Saving water

Sustainability is now firmly integrated into our everyday lives. We buy second-hand, we reuse and upcycle, we try our hand at DIY projects, we buy seasonally and regionally. All these measures ultimately aim to save as many resources as possible. Responsible use of water as a resource always plays a special role. In the following, we would like to address the question: How can I save water in everyday life and optimise my water consumption?

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Garden toilets by TROBOLO®

If you own a garden or an allotment, you probably know the problem – sanitary facilities haven’t been installed or aren’t even legally permitted. On this page, you’ll find out how you don’t have to do without a comfortable toilet solution in your garden or allotment despite this. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about garden toilets.

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Sustainability on the road: van life and camping fact check

Van Life: From trend to lifestyle. More and more people choose to go into nature.

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Function of the TROBOLO® Separating Toilet System

The special mode of operation of separating toilets and composting toilets with a separation system may appear somewhat experimental to some people and may create some reservations.

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Certified sustainability with TROBOLO®

Now that we have achieved FSC® certification, we can proudly demonstrate that we have succeeded in putting our sustainable principles into practice: TROBOLO® is a certified sustainable company whose products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. Here you can find out more information about exactly what the FSC® seal stands for and why certification is so important to us in this organisation.

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Toilet use when travelling with children

Learn how a sustainable use of toilets with children works when you are out in the countryside.

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Zero Waste – more than just waste reduction

The Zero Waste movement is on the rise. Avoiding waste in order to protect the environment is the basis for many of their daily activities. Companies, hotels, restaurants and even entire cities are joining this movement and are looking for ways to reduce the flood of waste. But the very idea of Zero Waste goes beyond just waste reduction. It is therefore extra interesting to take a closer look at this topic.

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Build your own composting toilet

DIY culture has gained more and more followers in recent years and has conquered practically all areas of everyday life. Composting toilets are also part of the growing group of popular DIY projects. Reason enough for us to follow this trend and introduce you to the do-it-yourself possibilities of our odourless TROBOLO® composting toilets.

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More is Less: The Tiny House Trend

The Tiny House trend is gaining momentum in Germany and is inspiring an increasing number of fans. For them, the Tiny House offers a perfect opportunity to implement minimalism, sustainability and independence in the way they live – and at a manageable price. The result: a new feeling of freedom! Reason enough for us to take a closer look at this new trend.

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Why is a TROBOLO® odourless?

The occurrence of unpleasant odours is one of the less enjoyable side effects of going to the toilet. With a TROBOLO® separating toilet, however, you do not have to make any compromises in this respect and can instead enjoy the advantages of odour-neutral sanitary technology.

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Guide to biotoilets

Guide to biotoilets

Here you will find information about the functionality, the areas of application and the advantages and disadvantages of biotoilets.

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Separating and dry toilets

Below you will find information on functionality, areas of application as well as advantages and disadvantages of separating and dry toilets.

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Guide for chemical toilets

In this guide, you will find information about the functionality, areas of application as well as the benefits and disadvantages of chemical toilets.

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Guide for composting toilets

In this guide, you will find information about the functionality, areas of application as well as the benefits and disadvantages of composting toilets.

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Assembly & set-up

Here you’ll find information on how to set up our TROBOLO® composting toilets

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Hygiene & cleaning

This is where you’ll learn all about the cleaning and hygiene of our TROBOLO® composting toilets.

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Order & delivery

Once an order has been placed, it only takes a few days for your TROBOLO® to be delivered free of charge.

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Emptying & disposal

Here you will learn everything about the emptying process of our TROBOLO® composting toilets and the disposal of toilet waste.

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Sustainability of TROBOLO® separation toilets

By purchasing a TROBOLO® you are not only making a long-term decision for a more cost-effective alternative to the conventional toilet, but above all for an environmentally friendly toilet system that is a step ahead of competitor products in many respects in terms of sustainability. In the following, the specific functions of a TROBOLO®, which contribute to a positive environmental balance, as well as the basic principles of sustainability, which were the inspiration for the development of the TROBOLO® separation toilets, will be explained in more detail.

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Composting correctly

As a user of a TROBOLO®, you not only have the opportunity to save precious water, but also to compost the separated excretions in your own garden and return them to nature after their decomposition thanks to the proven and efficient TROBOLO® separation system. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind when composting correctly so that you can eventually reap the full benefits of completely composted soil. The following advice will serve as a guide for this and explain the most important aspects of composting.

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Cost comparison between toilet systems

Here you can find out why separating toilets are not only an ecologically sustainable solution in the sanitary sector, but also a cost-saving one

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What is a TROBOLO®?

A TROBOLO® is a composting toilet that functions completely without any water and hence does not require a connection to the sewage system. This makes a TROBOLO® perfect for usage locations where there is no access to either.

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